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Sainikudu (U/A)

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30 Nov 2006
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When a film had given a big hype, one can assume even before the release of the film that it may not reach those expectations. There are many films which proved this theory and Sainikudu is no exception. Those whose releases were quite silent they would become unexpected hits. The recent hits like Pokiri, Devadasu, Vikramarkudu proved this as well. Producer Aswinidutt had spent a huge money to erect a village set for flood scene, the Warangal town set and also for graphic works besides the latest Digital Intermediate technology. Due to the high production values, the film looked rich both on the scene and in technical front, the film failed to reach the expectations. Mahesh Babu fans themselves were not that happy with the outcome.

Siddhartha (Maheshbabu) is a medical college student. He believes that one had to act like a soldier to save the people from problems. When a village suffers floods, he and his friends save as many lives. After the floods recede, Siddhartha and his friends come to know that the flood relief did not reach the needy and distribute the relief material themselves by stopping the relief material from being smuggled out. Parakala Purushottam Yadav @ Pappu Yadav (Irfan Khan), a goonda, joins the ruling party and decides to contest the byelection. Siddhartha decides to stop him from getting elected and tries to put up his friend Ajay (Ajay) as the opposition candidate. But Pappu Yadav with the help of his brothe-in-law- Mondi Nani (Prakashraj) stage manages an explosion and sends Siddhartha and his friends into jail.

As there was no opposition, Pappu Yadav gets elected and becomes Home Minister. He decides to eliminate the gang legally, but Siddhartha escapes. When Pappu was about to marry Varalakshmi (Trisha), Siddhartha abducts and takes her with him. After the kidnap, he threatens Pappu and gets him to fulfill his election promises. After a lot of running here and there, ACP Pochamma (Sakuntala) chalks out a plan and was about to arrest Siddhartha, but Mondi Nani attacks Siddhartha and his friends at the same time, making it possible for Siddhartha to escape. High Court orders Siddhartha to surrender within 48 hours. By that time, Siddhartha explains to Varalakshmi, how bad man Pappu is, but she did not listen. Then he relieves her to reach Pappu and she then realises that he is really a bad guy and remain with Siddhartha.

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