Saradaga Ammayitho (2013)(A)

    Release date 14 Jun 2013

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    2013-06-14 17:36:49
    Saradaga Ammaotho has a story which you might have seen in many films. The entire first half is outdated and has nothing much to offer. One would surely wonder why a star like Charmee needs to appear in a character which has no significance to the film. She is utterly wasted
    Though second half has many twists and turns, most of them are highly predictable. An unnecessary comedy track and way too many songs spoil the flow of the film.
    Double meaning dialogues are very cheesy.

    The makers have faltered in the execution of this movie. A below par screenplay and some mediocre direction lets this film down completely.

    Music is ok. Editing could have been sharper as some scenes could have been chopped off. Camera work is pretty good.
    Direction is not upto the mark and leaves a lot to be desired.

    Saradaga Ammaitho is let down by its poor execution. A below par first half, predictable story line and way too many characters spoil the fun completely. This film can safely be skipped.
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