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Soolam (U/A)

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08 Jul 2011
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Tamil actor Ajith Kumar’s successful Tamil film Asal has been dubbed in Telugu as Soolam. The producer might have presumed that the action packed story would attract the Telugu audience too. However, lack of proper promotion took its toll on the openings of the film.

Jeevanandam (Ajith) has two sons (Sampat and Rajiv) and they hate their stepbrother Siva.Jeevanandam wants all the three should live together. Moreover,he gives more weight to Siva’s words. Incidentally, he looks alike his father. Jeevanandam manufactures arms and supply them to armed forces and he stays in France.

Once a group that smuggles arms wants to make a deal with Jeevanandam but he refuses it. But Jeevanandam’s sons want to join the group and kill their father. However, Jeevanandam in his will, he has written his entire property in Siva's name. However, the will says that the other sons can bequeath the property, if Siva dies in normal circumstances. However, Siva leaves the house as per the wish of his step-brothers. As the two brothers make a deal to smuggle arms, which was being handled by Shetty (Kelly Dorje), he kidnaps the younger brother. Learning this Siva decides to bring back his brother at any cost and reaches India. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

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