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(U) (2013)

Audience Review

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22 Nov 2013
By : Mahendra

On : 2013-11-22 13:10:35

Anushka's Varna is not a commercial movie.

Its hard to predict the genre of the movie. The director wants to show both different stories of two worlds at same time. If you watched 12B Tamil movie then you can understand this movie.

Story movie of the movie is simple, Anushka is a doctor and Arya is a lecturer and an altruistic person. Anushaka falls for Arya's philanthropic nature and proposes him. A similar story runs in parallel in another world. Anushka is a tribal girl and Arya is the son of the commander in chief of a kingdom on a different planet. Arya falls for Anushka’s independent nature and tries to woo her.

Will Arya accept Anushka’s proposal ? Does Arya succeed in winning Anushka ? The movie is all about what happens during the course of their love journey.


Only two actors in the movie and they are Anushka & Arya. Arya did awesome work in first half and Anushka givien her best for her Character.

Selvaragavan worked with our indian CG designers and good vishuals but with lack of story. Both Anirudh and Harrish did their part in good manner.

My verdit: Experimental love movie in high budget. Director lost his phase in the narration.

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