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Vasool Raja

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11 Apr 2013
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Telugu actor Navdeep's latest outing Vasool Raja is one of the much-hyped Telugu movies of 2013 and its title has created a lot of curiosity among the film goers. But the movie is not up to the expected mark. Despite having several surprise elements, the movie fails to impress you and that is due to its routine story, and dragging narration stop it from entertaining you.

Vasool Raja is a romantic action entertainer with lot of comic moments. Navdeep's acting is the main attraction in the film. Chinni Charan's music, Karthikeya's screenplay, Satyam Rahesh's comedy are its other highlights. Age-old story, slow-paced narration and some illogical scenes are its biggest drawbacks.

Karthikeya Gopala Krishna has taken a routine storyline and tried to make it interesting by including several twists and turns, which have resulted in dragging and boring narration. The director has failed to execute his ideas in simple and straightforward way on screen. The beginning of the film is very interesting, but it starts dragging after 20 minutes and it does not stop till the end.

Vasool Raja (Navdeep) is a thief and makes his livelihood by robbing cars. He falls in love with Jaanu (Ritu Bharmecha). He decides to settle down in life after she expresses her liking towards him. He plans to do his last robbery and he joins hands with a group, which import illegal arms in the country. What happens next will form the rest of the story.

The director has put in lot of hard work, but he could have taken care of logicality of different sequences. The editor could have helped him by chopping the length of certain scenes. As a thief, Navdeep has given wonderful performance in the film Vasool Raja. His character has two shades for which he has done justice. In fact, his acting is the only saving grace in the movie. Ritu Bharmecha has tired her best, but she has a long way to go in the industry. She impress you with her glamour.

Satyam Rajesh's comedy is another strength of the film Vasool Raja. Sri Hari has delivered a powerful performance. Others have also done justice to their roles. In the technical front, Chinni Charan's music and background score are good. His compositions like 'Paisye Paramatma' and 'Tummini Bommini' are good to listen. Picturisation, dialogues and a few production values are also good.

If you are a fan of Navdeep, then watch Vasool Raja. Otherwise, you can skip it.

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