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31 May 2007
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Love stories are not new to the Telugu film lovers. However, director Jitender has filled a lot of emotions into the film and made it worth watching. Though the film has love in its backdrop, it has family environment with several twists and turns. True to its tag line, Veduka is a real 'Celebration of Love' with different emotions. Moreover, the director has managed to glorify the love not only between the hero and heroine, but also between mother and daughter, grandfather and granddaughter, father and son. It is very neat and clean with no trace of vulgaritu whatsoever.

Harini (Poonam Bajwa) was a daring girl and a true synonym of the current generation. She doesn't fear any kind of teasing and instead she used to tease the boys and make them scapegoats to pay their hotel bills and shopping bills. She takes her life in a very casual way. She stays with her grandfather (K Viswanath) and mother (Sudha). Srikar (Raja) is a practical man. He believes in serving the people in the country instead of going abroad to earn money. Though he earns Rs 1 lakh per month, he used to spend it for 'Amma' trust, where he nurtures destitute women, who suffer injustice in the society, with none to care for them. Srikar's friends help him maintain the trust. Srikar and his friends let out a portion belonging to Harini's grandfather.

Though they are bachelors, they are able to gain sympathy from everyone in the family with their good manners. Harini feels that Srikar is trying to impress her by impressing her mother. She plays tricks to vacate them but in vain. However, Harini, realises that he is not that kind of man and becomes a friend of Srikar and his group. After a few days both Srikar and Harini realise that there is something more than friendship between them, but none of them dare to propose. However, Harini is alarmed when Srikar's sister-in-law (maradalu) Amala alias Ammu (Anu Mehta) visits his house for a tennis tournament, as she is moving very closely with Srikar. But, learning that they were very close because they were brought up together right from childhood, Harini gets relaxed.

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