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Young India (U)

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15 May 2010
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After keeping off from the arc lights for about six years Dasari Narayana Rao is back with Young India. Though he was busy as a politician he still maintained some relations with film industry through writing stories, screenplay and producing films.

After the completion of his term in the Union Cabinet and ceased to be a RS member, Dasari has wielded the megaphone for his prestigious 149th venture. Again he has experimented with new faces on the lines of Swargam Narakam(1975). However, this time, the story of the film is not so strong and noteworthy.

Though introducing 81 new faces to the Telugu film industry is a great experiment, he has failed to select any impressive or stunning figures either for the male or female leads. The only solace is Dasari’s presence all through the film, which made the audiences expecting something new, but alas! nothing of that sort occurred all through the film.

Story: It is the story of four youths, three boys and a girl, who want to commit suicide for some personal reasons. At that juncture, Rangaiah Naidu (Dasari Narayana Rao), a superintendent of police, advises them, that they have every right to commit suicide. But, one had to die after doing something worthy for the society.

Then only people will remember them even after their death. He tells them to prove that they could do something. In order to prove this point, they extend solidarity to a girl, who was staging a hunger strike and join her in the fast.

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