Critics Review

    • నాగ చైతన్య, రావు రమేష్, రేవతి, శ్రీకాంత్ ఫస్టాఫ్ ఫ్యామిలీ ఎమెషన్స్ డ్రోన్ సీన్, కథ రొటీన్ గా ఉండటం సెకండాఫ్ మరీ సాగదీయడం. ప్రేక్షకుడికి విసుగెత్తే స్లో నేరేషన్, ప్రేక్షకుల అంచనాలను అందుకునే స్థాయిలో చైతన్య ‘యుద్ధం' చేయలేదు.
    • Finally, all those who like revenge dramas with a twist and are okay with the slow pace, give this film a shot but there is nothing new that you will get to watch here.
    • The entire film rests on Chaitanya’s character but his performance falls short. He comes up short on conveying the tension and emotional trauma he has been suffering from his loss through his performance. He has a lot to work on. Yuddham Sharanam has good things but they are not fresh.
    • As it stands, Yuddham Sharanam is a not-bad thriller. Just that one wishes Krishna had taken all his characters and made a romcom instead of getting them all beaten up for no good reason.
    • The film keeps the audience seated and hence if the viewers can ignore the screenplay flaws, it is an interesting movie to remain seated. Catch the movie for a one-time experience.
    • With such a powerful villain character at hand, more effort should have been put in developing a strong hero and villain dynamic.
    • A film whose plot never seems to thicken, a climax which disappears without a whimper, simplistic scenes, lack of twists. Without 'sharanam'.

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