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Movies down South promote low morale factor

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    By: Sunil Noronha
    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Our actors and actresses down south are not dressed smart when they play their roles in movies. Looking good either naturally or with help has earmarked actors and actresses in most regional and international acting circles. The thing with looking good is that it comes from need to have a good morale inspired by how you look. Looking good reflects that you feel good.

    That feel good attitude is there with the actors and their styles in bollywood and in International movie circles. In the South Indian Movie Industry, it is impossible to distinguish an actor from the common man if they ever happen to mingle in a crowd. It is not an uncommon thing to face stares if you were to walk in a locality full of that-place-language crazy locals with walkman earphones plugged in to your years, showing a little pride in attitude, speaking first class English...in short being thoroughly "westernised" in our mannerisms of clothing and style, you'd receive stares from all round. If one of them giving you stares has the guts, they'd come up to you and give you a piece of their mind. If they are not that gutsy, you'd hear gossip because you are so bold to want to feel a high morale, which is why you do what it takes to feel good.

    Indian Society has always suffered from the low morale factor. If the Western Culture and its people have a good morale ratio among themselves and their "considered" obnoxiousness is only the after effect of the low morale that does inhibit the cultural sides of culture crazy Indians, the low morale factor is the root of dislike against "western" mannerisms. Feeling good about yourself is absolutely natural. If ones culture teaches one that you should be held down then it surely is a chain that ties you down.

    Many actors'n films down south don't portray that high morale factor. Once you have been taught according to a culture that this is what you are about, one would want to enforce them all the more. Once it becomes stupidity to enforce it because it serves no purpose, you are only fooling yourself. If they have in mind the not-so-well to do "working class" people when making films when you show them a little western influence (even if you cant deny it coming), they'd say that you are selling out. So, the low morale is more of a marketing strategy. Outside the movie screen, the actors speak an unexpectedly good amount of good English, sport all western fashions, use western euphemisms, and do all thing "western style".

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