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      Sanjana Interview

      By By: Sunil Noronha
      Actress Sanjana made her debut in Kannada films with Ganda Hendathi which was a success and followed that up with Autograph Please. Now after tasting more success in the ad film world the actress has to her credit a ad with hunk John Abraham and also a film with Prabhas and Trisha in Telugu – Bujjigaddu. We spoke to her about her entry into films and her latest film...

      How did you get into modelling and films?
      During my school days, I was a lot into sports because of which i maintained a lean and slender figure. When I got into I PUC, I got my first modelling offers. I took up my first offer in II PUC and pursued both modelling and studies at the same time.

      What was your first film?
      Ganda Hendathi was my first film.

      Did modelling or acting come first?
      Before my first film I had done around 8 – 10 advertisements. I knew not head or tail of how the industry worked – its consequences and it rules. I just wanted to be famous and have fun. It's only now that I am really serious about acting. I had no clue what I was doing except that I was having fun. The film has done well the director is happy and the producer has made profit from the film.

      How many years has it been now?
      It's been a year and a half.

      What brands have you been modeled for so far?
      I have done a total of 60 advertisements for many brands. My latest advertisement is one for Fast Track with John Abraham.

      What are your new projects?
      The only project I am working on now is a Telugu film Bujjigaddu (Made In Chennai) with Prabhas and Trisha. It is directed by Puri Jagganath.

      Any other upcoming films?
      I have lots of offers but I will speak of them once the shooting starts. I am not in a hurry to take up offers.

      Bagging a film with Puri Jagganath directing it is an achievement in itself
      Puri sir is a fantastic director. When people heard that I was making my Telugu debut in a Puri Jagganath film, they all said that it was the best place to start at. He is a very nice and down to earth person. And I am acting with a superstar in my new film – Prabhas.

      When is the movie scheduled for release?
      The movie is scheduled for release in April 2008. We have shot only two schedules of the film.

      So when did you start taking your career seriously?
      I was just having fun while shooting Ganda Hendathi. After the film released and it got lots of positive feedback, i started taking my acting career seriously after realising my potential. I really love this job. I love getting up early in the morning and spending hours putting up make up. I told my parents of my intention and they accepted my entry into films.

      Your father initially took your stepping into movies not so lightly?
      Of course. Any parent would be concerned about their daughter getting into films. But he was anyway very supportive.

      Your mother too supported it?
      My mother is a very sweet person. She was also very supportive.

      Do you plan to branch out into other language films too?
      I like south films. The technical values of film that are made in the south are excellent compared to those made in north. And the people that you work with down south too are very sweet.

      But what about other south language cinemas like Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil?
      I don't mind the film as along as it is a good role.

      Do you have anybody in particular that you would like to work with?
      There are so many people that I would like to work with. There are so many people – actor, directors... that I want to work with. The more films that in work in the more polished I get.

      Are you specific about the kind of roles you want to do?
      I want to do all kinds of roles as long as the roles and characters all contribute to the story of the film. The role should be a good role.

      How do you rate yourself as a dancer?
      I am a good dancer. I have taken dancing classes in various forms of dance including salsa.

      As an actor?
      My acting skills are not that good but as I do more films I am being polished by my directors.

      Doing ad films are different from movie roles?
      That is not entirely true. All ad's are not one day shoots. For most films, we work from a particular time to a particular time – say 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Then the whole unit and crew goes home so that they can be fresh and as good looking for the next days shoot. But for an ad film if the location is booked for only a day and something goes wrong – then we have to rough it out for as long as it takes to get it right.

      When shooting for films, I keep going back to directors for direction on how to deliver dialogues and how to emote and so on.
      The first day when shooting for the film that I am doing I was lost in the script. It took me a few days to get hang of the character.

      What made you change your name?
      I changed my name because there are already many actress with the name Archana and I wanted to stand out.

      Do you like fame and being in the limelight?
      Yes of course. I love spotlight.

      Any time for love?
      I am just 19. I have a career to think of first.

      Your rumours with director Puri Jagganath?
      Those are just rumours. It just happens to be so that we are working that often. The same with any such rumour.

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