Anushka Shetty - Queen of big budget movies

    By Girija Narayan
    Anushka Shetty, the lead actress in the super hit movie Arundhati, is the most sort after actress for high budget movies right now. The directors working on high budget movies have an opinion that she is the safer choice. She is working in three high budget movies right now.

    Anushka proved herself in the movie Arundhati and now she is the most sort after actress in the Telugu film industry right now. This is proved by the fact that she is the chosen actress for the high budget movies - Varna, the movie directed by Selva Raghavan, starring Anushka and Aarya, she would be acting in a double role and this movie would be set in the fifth century! This movie is going to be made with the budget of Rs 55 crores.

    Another movie, Rudrama Devi, directed by Gunashekhar is on its way to set some groundbreaking records in Telugu Cinema Industry. Anushka Shetty will be playing the title role, and Rana will be the lead actor in this movie. The movie shooting started on April 27th. This movie is estimated to be shot with a budget of Rs 50 crores.

    The third movie that Anushka Shetty will be acting in is Baahubali, the movie is again a historical movie. This movie's budget is a whopping Rs 75 crores. The movie will also be starring Prabhas in the lead roles. It is said that in this movie Anushka Shetty will not just be an actress in songs, but she will also have a major role to play.

    Safer choice or not, Anushka would definitely look good in all these historical movies, and the movie Arundhathi has proved that to everybody. Anushka Shetty seems to be in the peak of her career with almost all the high budget movies in her bag. Luck definitely seems to be on her side.

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