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Arya-Anushka's Varna Garners Negative Reviews, Poor Ratings

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Director Selvaraghavan's Varna, which is the Telugu version of his Tamil film Irandam Ulagam, is one of the most-talked about romantic fantasy film, which created lot of expectations before its release. Released in theatres on November 22, the Arya and Anushka Shetty starrer has garnered negative reviews and poor ratings from film critics, who opine that confusing story mars the beauty of Rs 67 crore effort.

Set in two different world, Varna deals with two different love stories of same of people. Ramya (Anushka) falls in love Madhu (Arya), who rejects her proposal. It is too late, when he realise her love. Due to some super power, he lands in a strange place, where he meets Mahendra (Arya) and Varna (Anushka), who are in love. What happens next will form the rest of the story. The narration keeps shifting between these two plots, which confuses the viewers, thereby spoiling the viewing experience.

What many film critics feel is that Varna has fantastic visual effects, Arya-Anushka's performances are appreciable, good soundtracks and background score, outstanding cinematography, amazing sword fights, but it lacks soul. The director has failed to convince what he is trying to convey through the film. The movie has been rated an average of 1.5 out of 5. We bring you the film critics' verdict on Varna. Continue to read them in the slideshow.

Oneindia - Rating: 2

Varna has everything to rock the viewers, but the confusing story and dragging narration kills the interest of the viewers. If you are going to watch it for entertainment, then this is not your cup of tea.

MAA Stars

Varna is a colorful film with great visuals. But it lacks soul. In spite of Anushka's graceful screen presence, on-par-with-Hollywood visual effects, never-before story, outstanding cinematography, amazing sword fights; Varna has ended up as another below average flick due to Selva Raghavan's inability in handling this complicated subject. Dragging narration and illogical episodes have ruined Varna further. If you are a fan of Anushka's sword fights, you can wait for Rudramadevi and Baahubali.

Bharat Student - Rating: 1.5

This is a film which has been made with a lot of confusion and lack of clarity. At the box office, this will sink without a trace.

Gulte - Rating: 1

How do you feel when you open a colorful and inviting sweet packet and see fungus filled sweets in it? Varna is such a film, which will puke you with its 'creativity' and gives you a migraine and haunts you forever with its unbearable torture. Just stay away from this one or else you will regret it forever.

Telugu Mirchi - Swathi's Rating: 2

Varna is a disappointing effort without satisfying any class of audience.

123Telugu - Mahesh S Koneru's Rating: 1.5

A good production house with deep pockets was taken for a ride by the director with a farcical script and atrocious screenplay. Films like Varna are a rarity. They fall into the ‘never before, never again' category. Film school students must be forced to watch this film. Perhaps, Christopher Nolan can also take a look as this film has a lot more ‘depth' compared to Inception.

AP Herald - Rating: 0.5

For all those who are used to watching mythical wonders that leave you spellbound, Varna could end up as a joke, at best. It is amateurish to the core, predictable and its making lacks any kind of imagination. Watch this one at your risk please.

Super Good Movies

Seems director of the movie Selvaraghava tried to be like "Indian James Cameron" by creating other world like Avatar. But he failed in many areas. We never understand what he wants to tell to audiences.

CineJosh - Rating: 1.5

Lack of strength in explaining the key story matter and flat-out usage of cinematic liberties made Varna watching a tedious exercise. Definite accolades for Selva in selecting a new backdrop for painting an old portrait of Love. It's the missing of Entertainment like 7/G Brindavan Colony or the strong execution like Yuganiki Okkadu made Varna a banal movie.

CineOutLook - Rating: 1.5

Overall,an un-conventional flick from the director and the producer. This will not fit the bill.A routine movie goer will not at all like this movie. If at all you do not have any other work,feeling bored over the week-end,you can give a try.

24Krafts - Rating: 1.5

It is far easier to understand a film like ‘Inception' when compared to ‘Varna'. The director has come up with an good idea and spoiled completed in script. The parallel universe concept is novel and it could have been used quite well. Arya looks quite bad in the film, especially as Mahendra. He just sleepwalks through the role, but you can't really blame him for that.

Tolly9 - Rating: 1.5

Director started the story well with Madhu and Ramya romantic track. Story seems interesting but soon you would glide in between two world in between tracks. Till intermission story revolves at the same spot. In the second half story is completely out of track. Characterisation also has many flaws.


Varna is going to be a 60 Crore blunder ever made on South silver screen, for its boring moments throughout the 2 hours 40 minutes of its length. Don't Catch A DVD Too!

Way2Movies - Rating: 1

The script is shabby and terribly executed. The entire plot gets revealed in the first hour and Selva fails to engage the audiences with the proceedings. Screenplay is pathetic and the character developments are quite weak. Also the two stories are loosely connected that the feel goes totally missing. Added to it, the lip sync goes missing for the Telugu version which further tests the patience.

AndhraWishesh - Rating: 1

The plot of the movie is about pure love between two lovers Anushka and Arya but it is not properly established. Characterization is weak and many weird characters are shown in the other world as it is director's creative world in which creativity worked in low web. Altogether the movie is a costly experiment with a lot of graphics to balance the screenplay that is very dull.

Times Of AP - Rating: 2.5

Creative people have courage and conviction. It is no doubt that Selvaraghavan has got it in loads. Let's hope that he gets his execution right in his future movies. For now, Varna is just an expensive experiment with unintended consequences.

Business Of Tollywood - Rating: 2

Movie is simple story of Love. If you expect much about graphics. You will be disappointed.

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