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      Autonagar Surya director Deva Katta rants against producers

      Hyderabad: Director Deva Katta, whose movie Autonagar Surya (ANS) is said be delayed due to some problems, is very upset with a few fake producers and production houses. The Indian-born-American-citizen has started a rant against such filmmakers. On his Twitter page, the director posted a series of tweets narrating how fake producers make films by taking loan and escape in the last days of its release.

      Deva Katta tweeted,

      • This is how a 'kaiser soze' film production works: Feed few pimps to project you r rich, let them tail a hero/director, catch a project. (1)
      • If market value is 'x', fake ur budget to 2x, borrow 2x from several financiers without each other knowing...wth the film as collatoral. (2)
      • Spend 0.5x on film, feed 0.5x to ur pimps, disappear ahead or on the day of release. Whoever has to recover will release the film. (3)
      • You can also apply this scam for mass production under a banner or a bunch of banners. (4)
      • Btw, you can also run this scam under a fake name since nobody cares to verify your legal identity while lending crores of money :) (5)
      • I wish evry1 can understand that "kaiser soze film production" tweet as it's one of the most useful and truest information frm my experience.

      Deva Katta's next venture Autonagar Surya starring Naga Chaitanya in lead is produced under the banner of RR Movie Makers. The movie has been delayed for quite a while now and sources claim that the financial crisis is the reason behind it. However, Deva Katta has not officially named anyone in his tweets. In the end, he tweeted, "ANS will release for summer and I promise it will "impress and entertain" you all irrespective of the delay, cheers now :)"

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