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RGV Using Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi to Promote Satya 2?

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Some filmmakers have roped in Power Star Pawan Kalyan for their movies to gain huge prospects at the Box Office. A few others, who could not afford him, have got success for their films by making references to his name or inviting him as the chief guest for their filmy events. Now, Ram Gopal Varma, best known as RGV, seems to be driving film goers' attention towards his upcoming movie Satya 2 by praising Pawan Kalyan and his film Attarintiki Daredi to sky high, thereby winning the loyalty of his fans.

On his Twitter page, Ram Gopal Varma posted a series of comments on the Pawan Kalyan's power and the collection of Attarintiki Daredi at the Box Office. Although some of his words and ideas seemed exaggerated, he was successful in attracting the Mega family fans. When many of his followers started visiting his Twitter page, the director posted the link of the trailer of his movie Satya 2, which released on YouTube on September 30.

An expert from the industry, who does not like to reveal his name, says, "RGV's recent movies like Not a Love Story, Department, Bhoot Returns, The Attacks of 26/11 and Psycho have bombed at the Box Office. Although his latest directorial venture Satya 2 has a unique story, the film has failed to score millage. So the director is trying to woo Pawan Kalyan's fans to make his film a big hit." Continue to read to know about Satya 2 story in the slideshow.

Satya 2 Is A Sequel To 1998 Hindi Crime Film

Satya 2 is an upcoming crime film, which has been written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. The movie is a sequel to his earlier Blockbuster flick Satya starring JD Chakravarthy and Urmila Matondkar in leads.

Satya 2 Is A Multilingual Film

Satya 2 is a multilingual movie, which is simultaneously shot in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil. The Telugu version stars Sharwanand and Anaika Soti, while newcomer Puneet Singh Ratn appears as hero in its Hindi version.

Satya 2 Story

The film is all about an immigrant Satya, who comes to Mumbai aiming to refashion the Mumbai underworld. Armed with the knowledge, which he has acquired through research and study of mistakes made by all previous underworld dons, he starts a new underworld company that operates just like any corporate organization. He also develops ways to deal with the modern day policing methods.

RGV's Study Of Underworld

On the official website of Satya 2, Ram Gopal Varma writes, "As a filmmaker, I have been doing a deep study of the underworld and its gangsters for more than two decades primarily for the purposes of gathering subject matters for my films and to get inspired for characters from real life references. And that's how films like Satya and company happened.

Satya 2 Is About A New-Age Gangster

Then one day, it occurred to me what if a guy out there studied the same gangsters not for becoming a filmmaker but for the purpose of becoming a gangster himself. It's that idea of mine which finally shaped itself into Satya 2. A new age gangster will obviously be armed with the mistakes of the earlier gangsters and also with the modern day policing methods.

The Past Of Underworld

With Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan being more or less inactive since so many years and various other dons either being killed or jailed, its highly understandable that the police today think that they have made the underworld almost non existent. But as long as greed for money, resentment towards the rich and rebelliousness towards the system exists in human nature it would be a fallacy for anyone to think that the underworld can ever be completley wiped out.

Underworld Never Dies

Underworld will never die. It just keeps changing its form and history is witness to the fact that every new form of underworld has always originated from the thinking of one particular individual.

RGV On Ambani's Corporate World

There is no difference between how a Dhirubhai Ambani reinvented the corporate world by moving away from the ways of Tatas, Birlas etc. and how a Dawood Ibrahim reinvented the underworld by moving away from the likes of Karim Lala, Haji Mastan etc. Fair enough that since one was a constructor of value systems and the other a destructor, the comparison seems uncalled for, but what cannot be denied is the common factor that both had a vision.

RGV On Present Underworld

All this was in the early eighties and we are now in 2013 and since there is almost no underworld now, it is clear that there's a vacuum and whenever there's a vacuum in any lucrative business there will always be an entrepreneur to step in.

How Satya 2 Shaped Up?

If Satya was a story of a man who came in 1998 and shaped the then existing underworld, Satya 2 is about another man who comes in 2013 to reinvent the underworld. To that extent I would say this is a futuristic film not in terms of science fiction but in terms of that there's no precedent for the protagonist of 'Satya 2'. He starts a new underworld company based on his study of the mistakes of all the earlier dons and also on the ways he develops to deal with the modern day policing methods.

RGV's Views On Police Machinery

The police is completely caught off guard by this never before experienced menace of the new Company and the reason for this is that the police will always be lesser than a criminal enterprise in their vision ..That is because the police is merely an evolved system whereas a criminal entrepreneur for want of a better word is a visionary in his own field. Only after a new kind of crime happens will the police learn how to contain or prevent it. So it follows that if a completely new kind of a criminal appears on the horizon, their past experience will be null and void and they will again have to start from scratch.

Satya 2 In One Line

So in one line, Satya 2 is about a man whose thinking starts where the earlier Dons thinking ended and where the police cannot even begin to think.

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