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1: Nenokkadine Reviews, Ratings – Film Critics' Verdict

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Superstar Mahesh Babu's 1: Nenokkadine has bagged mixed reviews from the film critics, who have also lauded the producers for daring to venture into an unconventional genre, when whole Telugu film industry is after commercial potboilers. The critics have appreciated Mahesh Babu's performance, Sukumar's direction and its rich technical values. What did not impress most of them are its length and dragging narration.

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The movie has been rated an average of 2.75 out of 5. Continue to read film critics' verdict on 1: Nenokkadine.

Oneindia - Rating: 3
Overall, 1: Nenokkadine is a wonderful psychological thriller, which will appeal to a particular section of audience. The movie has Mahesh Babu's excellent performance, Sukumar brilliant direction, and amazing technical stuff. It is a paisa vasool entertainer that will remain as a classic and landmark film in the career of Mahesh Babu and Sukumar. Don't miss to watch the movie this weekend.

Idlebrain - Jeevi Rating: 3.25
When three big names - Mahesh Babu, Sukumar and 14 Reels are involved in making such a high-budgeted film, there are bound to be a lot of expectations. 1 Nenokkadine is not a commercial potboiler. Film lovers who have exposure to Hollywood films and world cinema will appreciate this movie. 1 Nenokkadine is a film that makes Mahesh, Sukumar, producers and entire unit proud.

Indiaglitz - Rating: 2.5
Although a gripping storyline (given that it is a mix of psychological thriller elements and Hollywoodish plot), Sukumar's narration falls short of expectations. The length adds to our woes, so much so one feels like one's patience is being tested.

Gulte - Rating: 2.75
Mahesh Babu's brilliant performance is the only saving grace for this film. He has put in heart and soul in to the character and gave everything to it. But director Sukumar got it completely wrong and 1 ends up as an experiment that went horribly wrong.

Tupaki - 2.25
Too much of technical brilliance doesn't add much to success if it is not supported by stunning story. Though the thought behind making ‘1' is interesting, Sukumar's dull finish in the second hour and with climax is a letdown. No doubt, ‘1' failed to pass many subjects, though he is a brilliant student. B & Centres find it tough to understand this ‘intelligent' guy. We have to see how this impacts trade.

123Telugu - Review
For all the hype surrounding the movie, 1 - Nenokkadine ends up as a disappointment. Except for Mahesh Babu's outstanding performance in the film, there is nothing in the film to entice or entertain movie lovers. The needlessly complex plot and excessive run time make things worse. Because of Mahesh Babu's stardom and the Sankranthi season, the film may pull in good revenues in week 1.

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BharatStudent - Rating: 2.75

Just 'one' and only Mahesh!!The film has come in with a lot of hype but then it must be said that it is quite different from the regular commercial potboilers.

Apherald - Rating: 3

The BEST PERFORMANCE by Superstar so far.Hats off to the producers to believe in such a Risky Plot and director Sukumar for his taking and yes big actor like Mahesh to work on this Project.Youth, Families, Mass, Class, Everyone.... Watch it for Sukumar & Mahesh.

AndhraHeadlines - Rating: 3

If you are looking for pure masala pot boiler, this film is not for you. The film will be appealed to those who like Hollywood action thrillers with gripping screenplay. Don't expect ‘Dookudu' or ‘Businessman' kind of dialogues from Mahesh Babu. He is one serious guy on a mission in this movie.

Way2movies - Rating: 2.75

1 Nenokkadine - Unique attempt but could've been effective. Mahesh Babu is the saving grace!!!

TeluguMirchi - Rating: 3.0

This is really the Director's inefficiency. He is unable to understand how to utilise a Star like Mahesh. He should make movies with brillance. But, if a movie is made with so much brillance, then it becomes a Kangali. As it is felt that the movie brings Sankranthi, two days before, now its great if it stays till Sankranthi.

CineForest - Rating: 3

Gautam (Mahesh Babu) is a rock star. He is single-handedly and his parents are murdered when he was a child. He needs to take revenge on the murderers of his mother and father. However, he has a psychological problem. Sameera (Kriti Sanon) a journalist enters Gautham's (Mahesh Babu) life and fall in love with him.

Chitramala - Rating: 3.5

All in all, 1-Nenokkadine is a great execution of this interesting genre. The movie might appeal to the viewers seeking quality in variety and food for thought, but not to those who are comfortable watching the clichéd entertainment.

Andhrawishesh - Rating: 3.5

Go with zero expectations, you will get definitely thrilled by Mahesh's performance.

Searchandhra - Rating: 3

1 - Nenokkadine ends up as a disappointment. One time watchable movie for Mahesh Babu Fan's other then better to skip.

TeluguMoviesNow - Rating: 3.5

Sukumar made 1 Nenokkadine with his full concentration knowing risk of big budget movie. He included commericial elements and made sure that intense action and superb emotional scenes in the movie. We have to appreciate his screenplay. The main thing before we review other aspects is Screenplay.

Tolly9 - Rating: 3

Mahesh is completely seen in a serious and new look. Movie satisfied the comments as a huge project. Action scenes and chases will for sure entertain audience. Peter Haynes should be applauded. Heroine is fine. Comedy is missing in the movie. Cinematography, First Half fight sequences and DSP's background score are all in tune with the mood of the film.

Telugucinema - Rating: 2.75/5

In 1 Nenokkadine, individual sequences seep coolness but the same cannot be said if we see it in totality. Apart from Mahesh Babu's stunning performance, the drive of the film is completely off the track. It disappoints.

Myfirstshow - Rating: 2.5

Sukumar tried to show Mahesh Babu in a different manner. But he failed to do so due to his inexperience in handling super star like Mahesh. The story of the film is bit confusion for the mass viewers to understand. The film's pace goes up and down and the length of the film is a big minus. Lack of entertainment, romance, comedy etc and dragged climax spoiled the plot. Wonder what the director was doing for the last two years. Mahesh Babu's performance is highlight of the film. Except for 10 minutes prior to the interval and the interval bang nothing in the film interests. Had the climax been shot in similar fashion, film would have made the cut.

Ycinemas - Rating: 2.5

1: Nenokkadine is released with much expectations and the director disappoints Mahesh fan's in this aspect. The film's first half starts with a boring note and ends up with huge disappointment due to Director's weak narration and dragging scenes. Except for few scenes the film's total scenes is wasted which one might definately check in when watched this film.

EenaduCinema - Rating: 2.5

As 'One-Nenokkadine' marks the combo of Mahesh-Sukumar-14 Reels, the huge expectations are bound to happen. But, the movie failed to reach it. This Psychological thriller missed much-needed wow factor, if Sukumar had focused on it, the movie would have become blockbuster. A tight screenplay and fast narration are must and should for this type of flick, but missed. Overall, One-Nenokkadine' is just a Mahesh's show

Andhravilas - Rating: 2.5

This isn't your customary paisa vasool, masala cinema and may not be everyone's cup of tea. If you're disposed to invest some patience and soak in the mood of a film that endeavors to appeal to an audience that's used to visually examining global cinema, 1 will not disappoint. In this visually stunning film, Mahesh Babu distributes his vocation-best performance. His son Gautam makes a debut through a cameo and appears at ease in front of the camera. As a surprise there's Devi Sri Prasad's background score that's so different from his customary fare. He's been given the chance to push the envelope and boy, he does it so well.. Watch it for an incipient era in film making and Superstar's super performance.

24Krafts - Rating: 2.75

The much hype surrounded on '1 - Nenokkadine' kills the expectations. Except for Mahesh Babu's outstanding performance in the film, there is nothing in the film to entertain movie. Mahesh Babu Stardom only will help the producers to see some good revenues in 1week.

TimesOfAP - Rating: 2.75

The film has all the ingredients you'd expect in a thriller, but without the hard-hitting thrills it fails to make audience sit through the end. Cinematography, First Half fight sequences and DSP's background score are all in tune with the mood of the film. But there still is something lacking that makes the film a dragged one.

TollyView - Rating: 2.5

Since it is a Mahesh movie distributors thought they could price the movie anyway they want and they thought even if the movie is AVG it would turn out to be a blockbuster in US.They were wrong the high ticket prices of $30 to $25 played the spoil sport and might work against the movie.As it is the movie received a thumbs down from critics it might not even be a average runner at US box office will end in losses...

Tollywoodandhra - Rating: 2.5

Films are the cheapest and most common form of entertainment in Andhra Pradesh. A normal layman to a businessman watch films to pass his time and enjoy it. But 1-Nenokkadine is not like you can sit back and enjoy, you have to be attentive to understand it in the first place with the complex story and screenplay. And as the movie deals with hallucination and illusions, the logic takes a toss number of times. Simply, the movie fails to live up to its promise. Coming to the box office prediction, the movie may enjoy the roost till Sankranthi weekend!

Tollywood - Rating: 2.75

The movie was made with a huge budget in a short period of time however the movie was released with a lot of expectations but there were two side of talk on the movie after the first show of the movie. Whatever it may be the movie is not so bad or good, we can say it is OK.

Telugucinemas - 2.25

Overall Experiment is good But Execution is bad Normal viewer will feel bit bore in Few scenes Lets see how public receive this movie.

Cineoutlook - Rating: 2

The First Half of the movie will be dragged a lot and full of confusion. Because of the Lengthy Runtime(166 mins) and lack of highlights in the movie, it will make audience feel bored. Sentiment worked well before pre climax and Action scenes and Bike Chases also impressed the audience. The only thing which is interesting in this movie is Lead pair Mahesh and Kriti Sanon. Sukumar choosed a complicated script which requires high effort to make it a success but he failed to reach the common audience.

Business Of Tollywood - Rating: 2

The story is good with a new concept to Tollywood and director Sukumar dared to experiment such a thing with a Super Star. He tried his best to add the entertainment quotient to the movie without much deviation from the story. But the second half is little dragging and even a little more is expected in terms of story.

FilmCircle - Rating: 2

Usually we get disappointed if we watch any film with very huge expectations. But 1-Nenokkadine will disappoint you even if you watch it with zero expectations. Mahesh fans may watch it once. Others can walk out after the great interval episode. Few trade pundits opine 1-Nenokkadine's fate depends on result of Yevadu. But I feel '1' is a suicide case. It doesn't need any other film to kill it.

CineCorn - Rating: 2.25

This was the big chance for Sukumar to move to the big league of directors but he has flounders the opportunity with a convoluted mess. The basic idea is simple that of the avenging the murderers of the parents but the director, it seems, wanted to make a grand movie on that line with lots of philosophical touch. This philosophy that admittedly emerges from the characters in the movie itself has been poorly written and executed.

MoviesInfolinePages - Rating: 2.75

Sukumar is one director that makes movies with out of box ideas and novel themes. He doesn't try to do regular mass masala movies and always comes up with something new. Even 1 Nenokkadine has a very unique plot, but he failed to execute it well. He couldn't blend the action and the psychological angle of the hero in a proper way and the movie end up as a torture to the audience.

Cinejosh - Review

Time for Sukku to reanalyze the mode of scripting... if his ingenious skill is used with subtlety...he can bring a change in Telugu cinema else Sukku should live in his own illusionary world just like his irresolute hero characterizations. This is not a film meant for Mahesh Babu or such heavy budget. An experiment of this kind can be appreciated, if made with a shoestring budget and an upcoming hero.

Southcinemas - Review

There is ZERO quotient in the movie to watch for except the idea of Sukumar which was exploited very poorly .. And this is not the season to release the movie where Sankranti is for fun mass masala movies .. Watch it for Mahesh performance if you want to watch.

TeluguOne - Rating: 2.5

The story line is very thin. The director has been able to bring in an emotional confrontation into the story, which is fine. 1 Nenokkadine has very little to cheer about in terms of the story which looks like a hotchpotch of sequences. It seems to meander in the second half where the director fails to handle the emotional bond in the movie.

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