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An Open Letter To Annapurna Sunkara Who Bashed Telugu Films

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A Telugu NRI lady has become a big time sensation on social networking sites after bashing Telugu films in a video that went viral. As an explanation to her views, many videos have come in to circulation on the web from yesterday.

Apparently, only an open letter by a Telugu movie buff that answered each point raised by Annapurna Sunkara, has caught the eye of lakhs once again. 

Watch Annapurna Sunkara's video here..

Here we bring you an open letter posted by Mr. Ajay, in his own words.


This lady from U.S.A has really irked some major controversy with her latest video about Telugu cinema and her gender biased comments on Telugu Cinema. I tried to make a video about my opinion and decided to do the best I do which is write about it.

Let me start by providing you with the article from which this lady has totally grasped her inspiration and then added some of her original wits to what it ended to be a visual debacle.

Rape Of Avanthika

This article written by a senior reviewer Anna Vetticad talks about the process on how Avantika the warrior was allegedly tamed by this bulky Shivudu. She also informs her concern on how this movie, which has a potential to reach the masses might plant a seed in the likes of wanna be rapists, molesters and eve teasers. She also puts her concern on how this "How to seduce and tame a woman" video by SS Rajamouli might spoil the youth of the nation for which the comments by bloggers were equally comic in nature. As one of the blogger apologizes on behalf of Shivudu for not having a degree in feminism, the other insists that the song has clear information on how Avantika eventually fell for this guy.

This is the feminist point that the lady in the video, happily plagiarizes as her own intuition and claims that she had this idea since she saw the movie on Day-1 but somehow took time to make this video. Well, let's blame the delay on her hair stylist.

By the way, if Rajamouli really had to justify the love story between Shivudu and Avantika, he could have opted to make a daily soap called Baahubali justifying your needs in it. While other critics are cribbing over the lack of exposure for this highly potential role, here you are, with your mediocre knowledge,commenting about the feminist part of it. Here's my challenge to you. Re-write the same scene with a poetic and intellectual justice on how Avantika should have loved Shiva for him to take up her responsibilities. What can I give you? Some blessings.

Now, by this time,the original blog's influence subsides in her mind making a way for the self-proclaimed feminist who adds masala by comparing Shivudu to a Hyderabadi guy (Unfortunately, Hyderabadi guys are too busy to respond to your bull shit, love) and Avantika as an Indian Army woman who is raped by this stalker cum hardworking cum antifeminist Hyderabadi guy. Whoa! typical Brazzers(dot)com influenced thoughts. Ain't it?

Then, she shifts her focus on to the writer/directors this time. She is disappointed by Sreenu Vaitla and his sense of humor.She is angry on 40 something Pawan Kalyan hitting 60 something the late MS Narayana garu. She is also angry on Mahesh Babu for comparing Samantha's skin tone to his. She thinks that in today's generation, these things should have been extinct in Telugu Cinema. My dear lady, your racist comment has no grounds because people moved on! By the way, Toliprema, the ever wonderful film that you were talking about has a character's name by his color. Outrage?

The same Mahesh Babu, calls his friend by his color in Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle chettu. Outrage? The fact is that the audience do not care about such things anymore. The mass audience, as stereotyped by you are sensible enough to understand the difference between a joke and serious dialogue.The mass audience can differentiate between comedy and abuse, romance and porn, action and over reaction. It is us, the self proclaimed modern men who are fighting for their fandoms.So, hold your horses, stop lecturing on how to watch a movie and learn something from them. Would ya?

Gaganam, didn't work for me because the screenplay was poor and Nagarjuna over reacted in the film.

Manam, the movie for which you desperately wanted to have more runtime starts with Naga Chaitanya appreciating Samantha's ass through his camera. Well, since they are married in the film, it doesn't matter. Does it?

According to you, Khaleja is a wonderful film that people didn't like it. So we have no taste of appreciating films. Let me step into your shoes. Khaleja has this uncultured Taxi Driver and a Bimbo heroine whose long skirt becomes a short skirt by the end of first half, all thanks to 6ft some hero who takes advantage of her. The same movie has this hero gossiping about the same bimbo kissing him on the lips. The same movie has this "Dunnapothu" Ali who makes sexist comments. By this time in the video, I started judging you for your intelligence. Seriously, What was that for?

Then, your most watched film, Leader. The movie has this 6 ft odd wanna be CM, who cheats a girl for the sake of manipulating her father to get a mere vote. Now, what kind of influential CM would he have been in the real world? My Answer: Mr. Kejriwal. the confused patriot.

By the way, did you watch those cheap films like Rushi, Mallela teeramlo, minugurulu etc.,? They are too cheap to comment about no? Do you know how much money did they generate ? Do you know movies like these are killing the makers financially? Have you ever spoken about such movies?

Before commenting on stalwarts like Brahmanandam, Ali and Iikes of such comedians, I would recommend you to read about Cringe comedy(comedy generated from embarrassment),Blue comedy (Comedy generated from sexist, racist and homophobic views) and physical comedy (comedy generated from physical activities) before you judge a writer, comedian and a director with your dimwits.

Your conclusion was epic and an example of your lack of seriousness in the video. Americans do not watch pirated films? Have you every heard of torrent sites? Do you know where did they originate from? I started sympathizing you at this moment, sweet heart!

Stop being feminist for the sake of social media. There are other issues in real world which you can concentrate on and may be make a difference. Count me in if you are game for such things.

Your video lacks constructive criticism, has plagiarism, nonsense and melodrama worth Daily soaps. Better luck next time.Peace out!

Ajay Mudunuru

PS: This story was first published on Dear Nightingale of Ignorance and we have got nothing to do with the views of the author as they are purely his own.

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