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Aarti Agarwal And Other Tollywood Celebrities Who Underwent Liposuction

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It is known that Aarti Agarwal passed away yesterday, due to the side effects of Liposuction. But do you know that she was advised not to go for Liposuction by a Hyderabad based cosmetic surgeon?

Yes! before going for the process in New Jersey, the actress reportedly contacted a cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. Considering her body type and BMI, the doctor advised Aarti to opt only the natural ways to get rid of fat instead of Liposcution. 

However, we are not sure what made her rethink of the process. According to reports, she has told her friends here in the industry that she would be coming back in a surprising avatar, before leaving to USA.

May be the urge to shed fat in an easier and affordable way has costed a life, for actress Aarti Agarwal. Apparently, she is not the first one to opt the liposcution process to reduce fat. There are many other Tollywood celebs who underwent the same process. 


Jr Ntr had undergone liposuction after Rakhi and appeared in a lean look in the Kantri, for the first time.


Chiranjeevi also underwent the process in order to shed some fat content.

Anushka Shetty

The actress was rumored to have gone for the treatment to reduce the fat near her hips and abdomen.

Hari Krishna

Hari Krishna also faced the process and reduced a huge number of kilos.


Though Srihari was declared to be dead after the failure of multiple organs, there are reports which strongly say that the actor died due to side effects of Liposuction.

Vishnu Manchu

After putting on a lot of weight, Vishnu Manchu opted for liposuction, immediately after his hit film, Dhee.


The comedian turned hero, too used liposuction to reduce weight before undergoing training for six-pack.


The actress also had gone for the liposuction process, to make a come back on screen.

Aarti Agarwal

Sadly, the actress lost her life in the process and left a sad milieu in the film circles.

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