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Annapurna Sunkara's Strong Reply To Ali, Anchor Ravi And Others

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It is known that a Telugu NRI lady, Annapurna Sunkara had created ripples in the social networking sites with a video in which she bashed Telugu film directors and comedian Ali, that went viral.

This has created a rage in the web world, and it even attracted the attention of industry people. Though Ali denied to respond on her video directly, he was caught on camera commenting on Annapurna's personal pictures that she posted on her Facebook profile. 

Anchor Ravi and few other TV artistes too have reacted on the issue and apparently, Ravi's offensive language has raised many eyebrows. On that note, Annapurna Sunkara has reacted on these personal comments and she called Ali a sexist. Read her reaction in her own words, in the text below.



Someone asked my response on few personal comments made by Ali and few silly attempts made by 3 anchors through youtube videos to defend vulgarity.
Here !

-Ali, as long as you make disrespectful comments about people, you will prove again and again that you are a pervert and a creep. So, good job being a pest even kids and teenage girls are scared of ! And, from the way you enjoy talking about people's sex lives and sex in general and the faces you make while talking about it, I am pretty sure you need to be fixed ! Pronto !!

-And as far as anchors who felt the need to butter him up by laughing at his senseless comments and in return, thought they could lecture me about women's respect, LOL. I really pity you and your lives where you have to defend a pervert to prove your point or for some other reason which god knows ! (Much needed Hint : Google, "self-respect" )

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-About speaking of doing it for publicity, you are very welcome you guys smile emoticon Anchor Ravi, is it? You said you have been trying to ybecome famous for a while now. Glad I helped. And if you still didn't understand why you are not famous in spite of your filthy behavior, why don't you try being successful first??

Anyway, people respect and understand me better after you opened your mouth. You are a living example of what I was talking about. Who knew anchors and entire Tollywood is really really happy the way it is and anyone who can't act, the audience who are basically the consumers of your product have no right to, what did she say, disturb them, is it??? I can't stop laughing. 😂😂😂😂😂 I wonder if few can hear their own words sometimes !!!

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-"If the woman who faced the vulgar comments didn't have an issue, why do you bother?" I am ashamed that these words came out of a woman's mouth. Why am I not ignoring this? Because, people can have varying perceptions towards movies. But it shouldn't be the same when it comes to creeps in the society. Supporting Ali is basically saying, "you can abuse or insult women. we are behind you". And they need to be dealt with.

- And by the way,how in the world did people think they can make me feel bad about me being affectionate with my husband in a picture? Give it a better try! GOOD LUCK !

An Open Letter To Annapurna Sunkara By A Telugu Movie Lover

~While you brag about experience, people are siding with integrity~

P.S : In a sentence about what I thought of these anchors? I thought they learnt a lot from ML Sharma and AK Singh and I also thought they are a disgrace to think audience have no business in talking about them no matter how low they stoop !" Annapurna Sunkara posted on Facebook.

Looks like the war of words has no end. Meanwhile, let us know your take on this whole issue, in the comment box below. 

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