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Rajamouli Reacts On Being Called A 'Copy Cat', Also Check Out Copied Scenes Of Baahubali

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Rajamouli is often alleged for copying scenes from Hollywood films and there were many shots that he has highly been inspired from other language films and short movies. 

Baahubali too faced the ire right from the first poster that released, which featured a baby in hand. It was alleged to be copied from Simon Brich, a Hollywood movie poster. 

But he neither reacted on the comments nor tried to justify his acts. Apparently, talking to a news channel in an open talk, he finally explained the reasons behind drawing inspirations all the time.

He even revealed that some of the scenes of Katappa were inspired from Changez Khan film. "Since few images were stuck in my mind forever, i want them to use in my films if it suits the scene and helps in elevate the mood. But no body pointed it out since none would probably have seen that film.", Rajamouli laughed it off. 

"I'm not saying i don't copy, but everything i do is not a copy, sometimes there were strange co-incidences that stunned me too.", he further added.

Katappa Scene

Rajamouli himself revealed that a scene where Katappa places Shivudu's leg on his head, right after the interval block, was copied from Changez Khan film.

King Kong

People found the hill climbing shots were similar to that of a scene from King Kong film.


There were many observations made between 300 and Baahubali by the movie buffs.


Anushka's portrayal and the idea of her looks is alleged to be inspired from Book Of Esther.

First Poster

The first ever poster of Baahubali alleged to be inspired from Simon Brich's poster.


In the war episode, many camera angles and build up shots were said to be lifted from the films 300 and Troy.

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