INSIDE STORY! V V Vinayak Starts A Rescue Mission To Save Akhil Distributors

By now it is common knowledge that Akhil has become a huge disaster, resulting in a loss of 20 Crores. This has left the producers and distributors of the film in deep muddle, leaving a bad remark on director V V Vinayak and Akkineni scion, Akhil.

However, Akhil is slowly moving on to his next project to get over the first flop. But it is Nithiin, producer of the film and director V V Vinayak, that are held responsible for the debacle. Though Nagarjuna intervened and requested distributors not to pressurize the producers, distributors who were badly affected by the film's poor box office performance, couldn't keep up the cool.

So, Vinayak himself has started a rescue mission to save the distributors, who incurred great losses. He reportedly returned 3 Crores to producer and repaid Vizag and Krishna distributors a Crore each, from his own pocket.

It is indeed a kind gesture from the director, as he doesn't really have to remit the amount. Other areas' distributors, who also lost a considerable amount were given promises to compensate with Vinayak's or Nithiin's next films.

Vinayak Starts A Rescue Mission To Save Akhil Distributors

On that note, now we must wait and see, who will actually come to Vinayak's rescue, as he is slammed for Akhil's mediocre subject and poor execution. It is now a point of discussion that, which hero has the large heart to offer a film for the director and give a chance to bounce back.

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