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    SPOILERS ALERT! Top Goosebump Moments From Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

    By Mayur Javali

    Warning! Please refrain from scrolling down if in case you are yet to catch up with the visual extravaganza in theatres.

    If Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is scoring over all sections of audience across the globe, then it is the repeat value that the movie is packed with. The number of hair-raising moments in the movie are difficult to be quantified as director SS Rajamouli has loaded the movie with umpteen number of such sequences. Let's just try to remember some of the top-notch sequences which provided instant and unparalleled Goosebumps.

    SPOILERS ALERT! Top Goosebump Moments From Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

    Baahubali's Introduction

    Though core fans can start feeling euphoric from the title card which comes with "Oka Pranam" song, the real spine-chilling moment starts when Sivagami, being escorted by Kattappa and her battalion force, walks barefoot with a pot of fire on her head inside the temple premises as part of a ritual.

    Subjects of the Kingdom welcome her by showering the pathway with flowers to cushion Rajamata's barefoot. It seems like the scene moves smooth until an elephant unleashes itself and goes on a rampage. Panic stricken crowd runs helter skelter and the entire scene appears chaotic. Despite the proceedings, Sivagami is left undeterred who continues with her ritual going head-on with the maverick elephant.

    This is when our protagonist enters the scene. Baahubali pulls a mighty chariot, breaks a gigantic door, and ensures that the chariot collides with the elephant eventually making a trouble-free way for his mother. This softcore action scene is followed by the hero introduction song which shows Baahu pouring turmeric to the wounded elephant and the same animal carrying the proposed king on its head as a mark of respect.

    Baahubali’s Love At First Sight

    Baahu, who visits Kuntala Kingdom during his tour, happens to see the princess, Devasena and pretty much gets bowled over by her courage and beauty. Baahu’s fight sequences alongside Katappa against the gangsters is sure to offer Wow some feel and also makes the audience smile through his love-filled antics.

    Kumara Varma’s Transformation

    A member of Devasena's clan, Kumara Varma is shown more as a comical character who lacks courage and bravery. However, it's during the fight sequence that Baahubali encourages and infuses confidence into Kumara Varma who transforms himself as a warrior and a true Kshatriya.

    Baahubali-Devasena’s Combo Fight

    Till the very moment until the bandits attack Kuntala Kingdom, Baahu is seen as normal, mediocre person by Devasena. But it is in this scene where Devasena launches attack on Bandits making use of her archery skills.

    Much to her amusement, our proficient warrior not only launches attack with just one arrow but instead three arrows at a time hitting all targets spot on. Baahu as well teaches his multi archery skills to Devasena who not only gets amused but as well falls in love with the pride of Mahishmati.

    Revealing Baahubali

    Time to reveal who Shivudu a.k.a Baahubali is to the Kingdom of Kuntala. Then comes Katappa who heaps praises on Baahubali's accomplishments soon after Devasena torches Bahu's external attire. The overall description of our Dynamic Baahubali makes the entire people of the Kingdom bow down to the former with gracious respect and admiration.

    Interval Block

    Probably the best hero elevation sequence where the protagonist would neither walk in a slow motion nor mouth punch dialogues prolonging to paragraphs to pages. It's the situation which builds the entire vitality, and characterization of both Bhalla and Baahu can be determined through this very single scene.

    Bhalla, though the crowned King, receives a lukewarm response from the crowd post his swearing-in as the King of Mahishmati while Baahu, who swears-in as the Commander-In-Chief receives widespread adulation not just from the subjects of Mahishmathi but as well from the non-human species.

    Devasena-Senapathy Tussle & Senapathy’s Head Off

    The newly appointed Senapathy who is evil but happens to be an ideal match to the King, Bhallaladeva, misbehaves with the female subjects of the Kingdom. Our Warrior princess, Devasena, chops off Senapathy's fingers to teach a lesson and thereby proving that she is no less than her husband.

    "Aadadani meeda cheyesthe narkalsindi vellu kaadu, thalani". If any scene received thunderous applause and response from the audience surpassing that of the hero/heroine introduction or the climax sequence, then it is this scene where Baahubali chops off Senapathy's head.

    Baahubali’s King Style death

    Baahubali is executed by Katappa upon the King’s and Rajamata’s orders. The scene gets emotional. But it’s the last stage of the scene which sends in some high octane energy. Katappa, who goes down on his legs, hands over the sword to Baahu where the latter swirls the same and positions himself to respire his last breath in a majestic King’s style.

    Sivagami Introduces Mahendra Baahubali

    Sivagami sends a shocker to her subjects by announcing the death of Amarendra Baahubali. But the crowd erupts out of joy when the Rajamata holds the new born infant and name the new King of Mahishmathi as Mahendra Baahubali with her base voice and intensity.

    Bhalla-Mahendra’s Face-off

    This certainly is an eye feast when Mahendra and Bhalla face each other. Standing at 6 feet, with well-built body and extreme muscle power. Both superpowers over each other and pose a tough and a mighty battle.

    Devasena’s Majestic Walk On Bhalla’s Statue

    Devasena performs the ritual which was earlier performed by Rajamata Sivagami. Walks with a pot of fire on the head but encounters a situation where the former would be required to cross the bridge of fire. Then comes the fight tangle between Mahendra & Bhalla to her rescue.

    The fight brings down the giant statue of Bhalla, which dismantles the head from the body and falls over the bridge thereby making way for Devasena to cross over. Humiliation and disgust expression of Bhalla as soon as Devasena steps on former's statue ensures an erupted response from the crowd.

    Do you have any other moments to add to this list? If yes, hit our comment box!

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