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    RGV's Open Letter To Pawan Kalyan On ISM!

    By Mayur Javali

    Controversial and maverick film director, Ram Gopal Varma, who has often taken jibes at Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, has written an open letter to the actor turned Janasena chief.

    RGV's Open Letter To Pawan Kalyan On ISM!

    RGV posted, This is an open letter I wrote to Pawan Kalyan after i read his book ISM on


    which at that time got published in Hyderabad times

    Hey Pawan,

    Before talking about ISM, I must confess that I have long been obsessed with the idea of you starting a political party. I have always admired the intensity in your honesty and the explicitness of your integrity, and yes, I was also mesmerised with your first speech at the launch of your Jana Sena party.

    When I heard that a book called ISM was going to be launched, I was truly ecstatic. Being a voracious reader since childhood, I finished reading Immanuel Kant, Arthur Schopenhauer, Descartes, Wilhelm Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Baruch Spinoza and Ayn Rand way back in my engineering college days in vijayawada and then moved on to various modern day philosophers, who thought much forward in terms of applied philosophy to restructure rapidly changing societies.

    A far superior advancement in those thought processes of all those earlier philosophers is what I actually expected from your ISM. And why I expected that was because of my adulation of your near perfect instinctive intellect,which I have always been observing in you.

    But when I finally got to read ISM, I was appalled at the elementary school understandings of the great social philosophies articulated by your co writer Raju Ravi Tej

    Please note that I am primarily addressing Raju Ravi Tej because he has the primary credit as the author of ISM ..Also I have chosen to express my views on ISM on a public platform only because ISM is meant for public consumption

    From your gestures, your lines, your expressions and even your pauses at your meetings,I can tell you that you have more instinctive wisdom than what is there in the whole of your entire-most-non-explanatory book called ISM. You truly don't need the over used crutches of dead and gone philosophies and that too so falsely represented

    Its evident that you neither read Arthur Schopenhauer's The World As Will And Idea nor Immanuel Kant's The Critique Of Reason and probably just depended upon your primary writer's extremely superficial misreading of it. The basic fact of the matter is that your instinctive originality has been corrupted by school boy interpretations of Schopenhauer's Metaphysics, Kant's Epistemology and Marx's Dialectic Materialism. To make matters worse, you have been diverted into a very wrong direction by a complete non understanding of existential nihilism.

    Please understand that the best of yesteryear philosophies have already been absorbed into the evolution of modern societies and what is needed now is 100% pure Pawanism and not an adulterated version of pseudo philosophical understandings of second handers.

    Philosophy, in its simplest form, is a pursuit of truth, but truth by itself cannot be absolute in an ever changing society. Ayn Rand said, "The pursuit of truth in general is not important but the pursuit of a particular truth is important which helps you in reaching your intended goal."

    Ninety percent of ISM doesn't have a single goal oriented direction pointer in comparison to your inherent arrow like vision, which was so clear in the inaugural speech. Also, the very thought of moulding a relevant ISM for today's requirements to be based on outdated philosophies of bygone eras is like wantonly carrying an unnecessary and fatal burden.

    Bruce Lee,who, incidentally, apart from being a fighter was also a philosopher, once said, Knowledge should be used like the steps of a ladder to climb up. You should leave the step behind once you climb up. But if u keep collecting all the steps you have climbed upon, their combined weight one day will not let you climb further. You should never carry what should carry you.

    Hey Pawan, I mentioned Bruce Lee because I truly feel you are a combination of his focused intensity and dynamic integrity. Bruce Lee's style is unique because he refused to be influenced by others.

    Only what you feel yourself, and how you express it yourself,should be your own unique philosophy. As a well wisher and an admirer, I implore upon you to get away from diversive, destructive and corruptive influences.

    As a last word, I want to tell you that yes, I am thoroughly disappointed with your ISM but I still have faith in PAWANISM

    The letter has not be spell-checked just to reflect the unedited views of Ram Gopal Varma.

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