EXCLUSIVE: Narappa Actors Karthik Rathnam And Rocky: Venkatesh Sir And Team Guided Us A Lot


    Narappa, the highly anticipated Venkatesh Daggubati-starrer, which is the official remake of the Tamil blockbuster Asuran, has finally got a grand OTT release. The movie, which is directed by Srikanth Addala, has premiered on Amazon Prime Video today (July 20, Tuesday).

    Venkatesh Daggubati is playing the titular character Narappa in the movie, which features Priyamani in the role of his wife Sundaramma. Young actors Karthik Rathnam and Rocky are playing the roles of Narappa and Sundaramma's kids in Narappa, which features Rajeev Kanakala, Rao Ramesh, Nassar, and so on in pivotal roles.

    In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Filmibeat, young talents Karthik Rathnam and Rocky opened up about their roles in the movie, and experiences of working with such a great bunch of talent.

    EXCLUSIVE: Narappa Actors Karthik Rathnam And Rocky Open Up

    1. Narappa is gearing up for a grand release across countries. How excited are you?

    Karthik: We are very excited about the film, and can't wait for people to watch it. Now, everyone can watch FDFS in their homes, and that is a big deal.

    2. How did you guys become a part of the film? Can you please elaborate your journeys?

    Karthik: I received the opportunity through auditions. After working in a few films including C/O Kancharapalem, I received a call from the Narappa team for the auditions. I was shortlisted for the role along with a few others. After the auditions, I was selected to play the role of Munikanna.

    Rocky: I was struggling to get an entry into the Telugu Film Industry for the past 3 years. I had acted in a few films but didn't get any screen space. Later, I bagged a key role in Narappa through the auditions. I'm playing a pivotal role in the movie, and have ample screen space. I'm very happy with how it has turned out to be, and it is more like my debut film.

    3. Can you please share about your characters in the film?

    Karthik: I'm playing the elder son of Narappa. My character's name is Munikanna, and he is an 'angry young man' sort of a guy. It is a beautiful character.

    Rocky: I'm playing the younger son of Venkatesh sir's character, and it is a very important role. I don't want to reveal more about my character, because I want the audience to watch the film and find out.

    EXCLUSIVE: Narappa Actors Karthik Rathnam And Rocky: Venkatesh Sir And Team Guided Us A Lot

    4. How did you prepare for your roles? Did you watch Asuran, the Dhanush-starrer which Narappa is inspired by, before joining the film?

    Karthik: I watched Asuran immediately after it was released. But I didn't revisit the film after I got selected for this role. It was a conscious decision because I didn't want to replicate that performance. I did prepare a lot to get the looks, body language, and diction of the character right. Director Srikanth Addala sir and Venkatesh sir had helped me a lot for that.

    Rocky: I never knew about Asuran, before auditioning for Narappa. After I completed the auditions and got selected, the director asked me to watch the film and understand my character.

    5. Venkatesh is one of finest actors of Telugu Film Industry. Also, there's National award-winning actress Priyamani in the cast. How was it to share the screen with them?

    Karthik: It was so difficult for me, as I had a separate journey as a regular Telugu guy who has watched their films from a young age. But it was a totally different thing to share the screen with such big stars. They guided me so much to get the character and looks right, and to perform in front of a massive crew. It was necessary because I hadn't done such a massive project before. I learned a lot from the star cast of Narappa.

    Rocky: I learned everything from giving the right shot and gestures in a scene. While working with Venkatesh sir and Priyamani garu, I learned a lot of things right from the basics, like a newborn kid.

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    6. Can you please share your most memorable moment from the sets of Narappa?

    Karthik: For me, each and every moment on the sets of Narappa is very special. But the first day on the sets is the most special memory for me. Being in front of the camera with the big wigs of the industry for the first time is the most memorable moment for me.

    Rocky: There are a lot of special memories from the shooting days. But, there is a very important scene at the interval portion of Narappa. I had performed that scene in a single take. Venkatesh sir was happy with the way it turned out and said 'well done' to me. I will never forget that moment in my life.

    7. What do you have to tell the audience, who are eagerly waiting to watch Narappa?

    Karthik: Do watch Narappa on Amazon Prime Video. But please make sure that you watch it on the best screen possible. It is a brilliantly made film that deserves much more than mobile screens. The technical aspects of the film are equally good, and film enthusiasts will get a lot to learn from it.

    Rocky: Please watch Narappa on Amazon Prime Video, and let us know your feedback.

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