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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Episode 18 Highlights: Surya And Adi Agree To Push Boundaries For The Captaincy Task


      Wednesday's episode started with the thieves trying to protect their stolen goods and making deals with Geetu, who seemed to be focused on her deals and securing the goods she taken control over. She appeared calm and relaxed but didn't try to get into trouble with anyone else.

      The thieves were having a discussion about the goods with them, and as usual Revanth had something controversial to say, and this time it was Arohi who got annoyed. She told him she was talking to Surya, and she didn't need Revanth's opinion on it.


      Arohi, Neha, and Sri Satya were having a discussion. Neha volunteered to find Revanth's goods and retrieve them. It appeared that Sri Satya, Neha, and Arohi were having a pact of their own.

      Revanth and Arjun were discussing with the police team and Revanth was urging Arjun to strike a deal with them, but Arjun refused. They got into a small argument, and Revanth requested Arjun to be more honest. Arjun commented that Revanth should stop thinking that everyone else is dishonest apart from himself.

      Later in the night, Shrihan and Revanth questioned the girls about their lost goods and the girls denied the accusation.

      The next day, Adi and Surya were having a discussion, and Adi asked Surya how he wanted to approach the game. As a lead, Surya said they can go all in, and either teams can get physical if needed. Adi asked him again, and said if it gets physical then it will be mutual and they had to decide it there.


      After the game started, however, Adi again gave a warning that if the thieves wanted to play it rough then the game will be rough. The task became a bit violent after that. Some police members came into the house looking for goods, and Inaya was held inside by the thieves. The situation became a bit hostile. Bala Aditya did not enter the house and he looked disappointed at the game. He sat in a bench and waited outside.

      Bigg Boss clarified the rights each side had, and Geetu's rights. Earlier in the episode, Geetu was questioned and asked to take up certain deals. Bigg Boss said that without Geetu's approval no other contestant can enter the VIP area that was allotted to her.

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