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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Episode 19 Highlights: Shrihan Jokes About Inaya And Runs Away With His Ears Closed


      The Thursday episode began with Neha from the thieves team getting agitated about the unfair game from the police team, and that triggered Inaya and Marina. Surya tried to calm things down, but Marina was really annoyed by Neha's outburst.

      Revanth got upset when he lost his goods, and Sudeepa tried to calm him down. Revanth explained that it was his loss and obviously he would be upset. He defended his disappointment by saying that he wasn't taking any names and that he was just trying to process his loss.


      Neha tried to talk to him and told him not to let his mouth loose and say things that make him look bad. He kept arguing back and got a little tired of the conversation. Neha exploded and blamed herself for trying to help him. Then he calmed down and listened to her and agreed to take her advice.

      The game ended with the police team winning the task. Geetu, for her performance as VIP, and Sri Satya for holding a special item from the task were qualified as captaincy contenders.

      Neha and Shrihan had a conversation about Arjun Kalyan. They were gossiping about Arjun's alleged feelings for Sri Satya. Neha wondered if he also feels a certain way about Vasanthi, and whether a love triangle was shaping up.

      Arohi cried about Shrihan betraying her, and complained to Surya about how Neha and Shrihan struck up a deal between themselves. Surya consoled her and listened to her patiently as she vented.

      Finally, the full list of contenders for the captaincy task were announced: Geetu, Sri Satya, Adi Reddy, Faima and Shrihan.

      In the task, the contestants were first asked to build a pyramid with bricks. Geetu failed to build the pyramid as per instructions. And she didn't qualify for the next round. The second round was to defend their pyramids while people threw balls at them. Faima was disqualified for breaking rules during this round. The other three progressed to the next round.


      Inaya and Shrihan had a tiff again. This time Shrihan made a joke about her shouting, and Inaya got even more offended. She tried to argue with Shrihan who shut his ears and ran away from her. Geetu went and mocked Inaya but she pretended to be speaking to Vasanthi, who was sitting near Inaya.

      The captaincy contenders who currently remain in the competition are Shrihan, Adi Reddy, and Sri Satya.

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