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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Episode 20 Highlights: Keerthi Undergoes An Emotional Breakdown


      The Friday episode started with the final round of the captaincy task. The task involved a seesaw with containers on both sides. One side was filled with sand, and a flag with the face of the respective contender was raised there. The other was empty. The contenders had to fill the empty side so that the flag side rose up.

      Adi Reddy, Shrihan, and Sri Satya were the three contenders who competed in the final round. Adi won the task, and Shrihan came close to winning. He was a little upset about the momentary difference that took away the game from him.

      Inaya and Vasanthi had a discussion about who was likely to be evicted this weekend. The two concurred that it should be one of the women, and they predicted it could be Arohi, Inaya, or Vasanthi maybe.


      Arohi and Surya were having a conversation about something Arohi said, and Surya got mad and said something in return. She cried over it. Surya walked away and went into the store room. He ate something he picked from the room and lied down on the floor.

      Shrihan tried to talk to Arohi. He calmed her down. Then she got up and went after Surya. She found him and apologized. And then Adi's Captaincy acceptance happened.

      Nominations for the worst performer happened after that. It involved a task. Housemates were to convince the team members about how many minutes of an Episode's footage they deserved.

      Geetu was given 10 minutes, Revanth was given 7 minutes, and Faima was given 6 minutes. Chanti, Shrihan, and Inaya all received 5 minutes each. The scores of other contestants were not shown in the episode's footage. Although glimpses were shown, where Bala Aditya had a 4 minutes tag on him, Vasanthi had a 1.5 minutes tag, Sudeepa had 2.5 minutes tag, and Marina had a 2 minutes tag. Adi Reddy had 0.5 minutes tag.


      Keerthi Bhat, Arjun Kalyan, and Arohi received zero minutes and topped the list of worst performers. Among them, they had a discussion, and Arjun agreed to go to jail.

      Keerthi cried about coming last and Shrihan explained to her that despite her making an effort if the housemates brought her last, the audience would understand and support her, and she didn't have to be concerned.

      When he went into the prison, Arjun told Sri Satya something which wasn't audible and asked her if she understood and she responded saying "yeah yeah understood."

      Arohi, Keerthi, and Vasanthi brooded over being chosen last and tried to come up with rationalizations for the same.

      Shrihan, Sri Satya, and Revanth took their food and ate with Arjun near the jail.

      Arohi and Surya patched up and started talking as usual. They together raided the VIP area in the night after people had slept off. They Stole snacks from the VIP area on the balcony. Then Surya went to the kitchen and made French fries and the two shared them with Arjun.

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