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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Episode 22 Highlights: Neha Gets Evicted


      The Sunday episode started with a task of accusations. Nagarjuna listed a set of phrases that were labeling in nature, for example overdramatic, or attention seeking, and so on. Each contestant had to name a person that they felt matched the phrase given to them. Revanth was called four different things by four different people.

      Each time a housemate names someone something, the audience with Nagarjuna voted yes or no, indicating their judgement. Revanth got no for all the four accusations. In fact, he got 24 out of 24 votes saying no, three out of four times. Revanth thanked the audience for their support.

      Some notable accusations were Raj being called brainless, Sri Satya calling Bala Aditya an attention seeker, and Revanth calling Neha overdramatic.

      BBT 6

      For Raj the audience voted no. Nagarjuna told Rohit and Marina, who named him brainless, that maybe he has a strategy and they just don't understand it. And then when it was his turn Raj called someone something, and audience voted no, and Nag laughed and said maybe Raj is brainless.

      Geetu and Shrihan were saved in the first round of safe zone declaration.

      The name game continued this is what happened: Vasanthi called inaya arrogant; Inaya called Arohi dominant; Arohi called Sri Satya heartless; Shrihan called Inaya useless; Sudeepa called Revanth binge eater.

      BBT 6

      When Arohi named Sri Satya heartless she added that Sri Satya was cold hearted, stone hearted and black hearted and much more. Satya could not stop laughing.

      Inaya and Revanth were saved in the second round of saving.

      The second task was to tag each contestant as one of the following five animals: Donkey, chameleon, snake, lion, or elephant.

      The highlight of the task was that Vasanthi tagged Revanth as a lion and said sometimes they way he argues makes him look like a lion. And then Adi tagged Sri Satya as a snake, and said that it's actually a compliment.

      Bala Aditya and Arohi were saved in the third round of saving.

      Then a game of Dumb Sharades came up next. The contestants were divided into two teams. They had to act out the names of celebrities assigned to them and get their team to identify the names. Songs were played in between the game.

      After the game another round of saving happened, and this time Chanti was saved. Vasanthi and Neha remained in the danger zone.

      Bigg Boss kanuka was offered to Bala Aditya before the elimination happened. Between Vasanthi and Neha, Vasanthi was saved, and Neha was evicted.

      After Neha saw her video, she was asked to label five people a dhammu and five as dhummu. She went with the dhummu list first and included the following: Inaya, Revanth, Arohi, Geetu, Arjun, and Vasanthi. She requested Nag to allow her to name six people. Then she went on to mention the dhammu list and it included the following: Chanti, Sudeepa, Bala Aditya, Shrihan, Adi Reddy, Sri Satya, and Rajsekhar.

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