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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Episode 27 Highlights: Sri Satya & Keerthi Fight For Captaincy


      The Friday episode started with Shrihan doing impressions of his housemates going through the pictures of the captaincy contenders. He was mimicking them and practically performed a skit that was entertaining.


      Revanth and Adi had an argument over Revanth not respecting Adi's captaincy. Revanth tried to explain that he was not being disrespectful and was merely stating his side of things.

      Faima was flirting with Raj for fun, and Chanti and Satya joined her in joking about Raj's reactions.

      The Knockout task resumed and it was Inaya's turn to punch one out. She listened to everyone's statements and went with Shrihan anyway. Her justification was that she wanted a woman to win the task, and among the men Rohit would work with Marina, and she felt Shrihan had to go. Shrihan said he is happy to give space for the women.

      It was Shrihan's turn later, and he knocked out Rohit, saying he was following the same line of thought as Inaya, but he felt that although Rohit would work with Marina, it was still 50 percent, and he felt that Rohit would be a strong competitor to the girls.

      Arjun Kalyan chose Arohi to knock out, and he felt that Arohi was not respectful to Raj when he was captain. Arohi explained how she had already established that she was not wrong in that issue. Raj tried to explain his side and then Arohi said she had explained the matter enough and she was not going to justify herself anymore on that matter.


      In the end, Keerthi, Sudeepa, and Sri Satya remained in the game. While Satya and Keerthi were close enough, and Satya was having a slight edge over Keerthi, Satya fell down at one point and lost her edge. Keerthi won the task and became Captain.

      Surya was crying about missing his mom, and Arohi and Keerthi tried to console him. Keerthi told Surya that he could talk to her anytime about anything, and Arohi was there for him anyways.

      When it was time for the Worst performer of the week, and Arjun was selected. Satya and Sudeepa spoke to him after he was inside the jail. Satya asked him whom was he playing for. She asked if he came to the house for her sake. Arjun smiled and did not reply. She reminded him to play for himself and had a discussion about this Revanth as well.

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