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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Nominations Week 5: Sri Satya Steals The Show


      The Monday episode started off with a surprise. Bigg Boss announced that Rohit and Marina would not be playing as one contestant any more. To kickstart journeys separately, they began with the nomination process.

      Rohit - Marina

      The nomination process was also surprising. Rohit and Marina were locked together with a handcuff. They had to decide who gets nominated between the two of them, and who remains safe.

      The two argued over who will stay and who will leave. Both wanted the other to stay, as in not get into the danger zone. Eventually, Rohit was chosen to be safe, and Marina was chosen to be nominated.

      Shrihan - Inaya

      Shrihan argued that he had been playing his game as well as he could, and he has maintained a cordial relationship with everyone. Inaya spoke about how the issues between them were not her fault. Inaya was nominated.

      Surya hugged Inaya and told her he was with her. Faima joined him, and they tried to get Inaya to feel better.

      Vasanthi - Sudeepa

      Sudeepa argued that she has been assigning work to people properly and she has played well so far. Vasanthi said she has potential and if she could be saved this week, she might be able to prove herself. Sudeepa however didn't relent and Vasanthi was nominated.


      Vasanthi cried. Sudeepa consoled her and said she didn't want to be saved at the cost of Vasanthi crying. Vasanthi rejected the offer and composed herself. She hugged Sudeepa and assured her she was fine.

      Keerthi and Arjun spoke to Vasanthi and encouraged her to stay strong and play her game. Bala spoke to Sudeepa and said she had to play her game and she didn't have to feel bad about it.

      Srisatya - Arjun

      The house broke into laughter and cheered as Arjun and Sri Satya's names were announced next. Sri Satya herself was smiling.


      When they were handcuffed, Arjun was still smiling. Satya asked him to be serious and not laugh, and joked about how even that she had to mention. Arjun argued that he has been continuing to help her with her game, especially in the hotel task. Satya responded that it was part of her game to get him to help her, and he only paid for his services in the task. He said she had better chances of not being evicted if she gets nominated. She said she didn't want to take that risk. She added that he would anyways face nomination again if he doesn't prove himself this week, and if he does he would be saved anyways.

      Arjun gave in and accepted the nomination. Later she scolded him for not fighting harder. And she said he should have defended his argument better. She then went on to say that she didn't want the talk that Arjun is weak, and his game is getting spoiled because of Sri Satya.

      Adi - Revanth

      Revanth argued that he has been consistently nominated every week and he has consistently been saved as well. Adi said that while that is true, and he feels that Revanth deserves to stay in the house, he felt that he himself deserved it more between the two of them. They went back and forth and eventually Adi gave in, and Revanth was saved.

      Faima - Surya

      Surya praised her game and said she was a strong contestant would definitely be saved if she gets nominated. She said that means she has played well, and she deserves to be safe. Surya said that as far as tasks were concerned he felt he did slightly better. Faima gave in and got nominated.

      Raj - Balaaditya

      Raj argued that he needed another shot at this week to prove himself, and after a point Bala agreed to get nominated.

      Danger Zone

      So far this week, Marina, Inaya, Vasanthi, Arjun, Adi, Faima, and Balaaditya have been nominated.

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