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<i>Adavi Biddalu</i> - Review

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Monday, September 11, 2006
A film for select class of audience
R Narayana Murthy had so far produced 18 films on the banner of 'Sneha Chitra'. All the films are quite similar in nature, as they deal with the oppressed and working class. He always wages a war against the system of landlords and feudal system. Being himself the story writer, director and producer, all his films revolves round the hero, who plays himself, and most of the artistes in the film are almost either unknown faces or those who had earlier worked with him in his past films. Only a select group of audience like his movies and he will also target the same group with his mannerism and body language. Those who sympathise with working class could only watch his films and his latest flick is no exception to it.

Ramakanth (R Narayana Murthy) is the project officer of the Integrated Tribal Development Agency. Some contractors and politicians collude to swindle crores of rupees from the government in the name of compensation for land, which gets submerged with the construction of a dam called Rampa project. Being an officer who looks after the welfare of tribals, Ramakanth sends a report against the dam. He advises the government to first give pattas to the land being cultivated by tribals under podu cultivation and then pay compensation to the actual losers of land. When the political power overrides his suggestion and accords permission for the construction of the dam, he resigns to his job and supports the Adivasis and Girijans who lose their livelihood due to the project. He resorts to armed struggle. The rest of the film deals with whether he was able to thwart the construction of the dam. However, he gets killed by the police in the climax and the tribals take revenge for his death by killing the police officer, politicians and contractor.

There are absolutely no plus points in the film except the subject which is worth debatable. Yes, the director cum producer's idea to highlight the plight of the Adivasis is really a worthy subject. Another plus point in the film is the thread of sentiment and the hero's attitude to be steadfast for the sake of a principle and killing his brother who is representing his rival faction (Varga Satrutvam). Muralimohan's performance is also quite good.

Narayana Murthy, who always makes films highlighting the problems faced by the oppressed and working class ignores to give a solution to the problem. There is no point in making the film just with revolutionary ideas as giving an apt solution would help the government / politicians / police to correct such situation in real life.


As per the World Water Forum resolution, those who lose land, houses and employment with the construction of dams and reservoirs should be the real beneficiaries. However, the situation is not like that. As a result, the Girijans, who are living on the forests and forest produce, were losing a lot with the construction of multi-purpose projects (Bahulardha Sadhaka Projectlu). However, the hero, being an IAS officer, should not resort to such movement, though he had a soft corner towards the Girijans. The film had miserably failed on all fronts and the basic concept of watching a film, entertainment, is missing in this film.

Cast: R Narayana Murthy, Muralimohan and others.

Dialogues - Y Krishneswara Rao
Cinematography - G Chiranjeevi
Editing - Mohan, Rama Rao
Lyrics - Vangapandu Prasada Rao, Janampata, Mohan, Suddala Ashok Teja
Story, screenplay, Music, Producer and direction - R Narayana Murthy.
Banner - Sneha Chitra Pictures.
Released on - September 09, 2006..

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