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    <i>Chakri</i> Review

    By Staff

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    Poor storyline ditches Naveen again

    Though talented and glamourous, it is surprising why Naveen Vadde had only a handful of hits to his credits and unable to break the ice. He made yet another vain bid to project himself as a class hero with a mass touch. Director Jitender tried to cook a recipe which was already tasted by the people on the silver screen for several times. Love stories of this kind have come on the celluloid and the film once again failed to grab the attention of the audiences in the absence of any novelty.

    Chakri (Naveen) is the son of Yadagiri (Tanikella Bharani) who boasts of a dada. Chakri completes his education and plans to go abroad to earn money, though his father is not in favour of it. Somehow, Chakri manages to get a visa and goes to London. He thought of staying with his friend Kondal (Srinivasa Reddy), who was a tenant to a Telugu man (Melkote) staying in London. There he finds the plight of Indian youth who are working in mean jobs as they live in a false prestige and could not return to India, because their parents had borrowed huge amounts to send them abroad. However, Chakri finds a job with a model coordinator called Venkata Lakshmi (Punam Segar). Chakri finds the spark in her and gets her photographed to tell her that she is beautiful. When Venkata Lakshmi tries to say 'I Love You', Chakri tells her the flashback that he was already in love with a girl called Mahima (Sunitha). In fact, Mahi was the daughter of a millionaire. When Mahi's father dies of heart attack, a millionaire from London clears all his debts worth Rs 2 crore as he was fascinated at her beauty. As Mahi's mother also dies of some illness, that millionaire takes her to London. Though he loves Mahi, the latter did not like her. He loves her so much that he doesn't want to leave anything that comes in her way. Somehow, Mahi escapes and reaches India only to get a solace from Chakri. But, that millionaire takes Mahi off from Chakri. Because Mahi prayed Chilukuru Balaji that she wants to marry Chakri, the latter wanted to prove the greatness of his beloved God and reaches London to fulfill her wish. Chakri searches for Mahi but could not trace her. Accidentally, Chakri finds a girl who is attempting suicide and saves her. Surprisingly it is none other than Mahi. Chakri takes her off from the house. Mahi's boyfriend millionaire chases and catches them finally. But Chakri revolts like a hero and gets rid of him in a pitched battle.


    There are very few plus points in the film. But when we talk about plus point we should mention a song, patriotic in nature. The lyricist filled the plight of youth who go abroad in search of a life with easy money and end up in cleaning toilets Rajesh, Bharat, Melkote, Juttu Radhakrishna, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Chandu, Aditya, Chakri and Abhinayasri and work as gardeners or sales boys in departmental stores. The song is rich in literary and patriotic values. Action scenes were also choreographed well. Songs are just okay. 'Chilipi Vayasu...' song is sizzling.


    The storyline in itself is a big minus for the film as the audiences were bored of love stories. It is absurd to listen that an ordinary man dreaming to go abroad and that too for the sake of a girl whom he loved. Moreover, he doesn't have even an address and goes there empty handed to search her in a big city. The hero sees the face of the villain for a few seconds and goes in search of him in London. As it was rightly said by the dialogue writer in the film itself, a hero can do anything. Quite cinematic and meaningless. Even the screenplay is also not tight and has many loose ends.


    Vadde Naveen's performance is just okay. There is nothing more to talk about in the film. Neither the one who played the character of Mahi nor the Venkata Lakshmi has not much to mention but filled the glamour slot. Tanikella Bharani's comedy coupled with sentiment is fine. A major part of the film was said to have shot in London but that richness failed to appear on the screen. But for the bridge scene, a song and a couple of streets and markets nothing is worth seen on the celluloid about London.

    Cast: Vadde Naveen, Punam Segar, Sunitha, Tanikella Bharani, Srinivasa Reddy, Satyam.


    Music - Lalith Suresh

    Camera - Ravindra Babu

    Presents - Y Madhusudhan Reddy

    Action - Thriller Manju

    Producer - Acharanreddy Gurram

    Dialogues, Story, Screenplay and Direction - Jitender Y

    Banner - Madhu Cinema

    Released on - November 17, 2006

    Gallery : Actors, Actresses, Movies, Special Events.

    Chakri Stills.

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