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    <i>Ganaa</i> Review

    By Staff

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Brahmaji failed to fit in hero groove

    Several love stories with action and faction backdrops have come up on Telugu screen. It is not new for the Telugu audiences that the love subject has some action/faction backdrop. But director Raviraj in his debut film made a small twist to maintain suspense till the end. But for that twist there is nothing new in the film. Brahmaji who had good talent and performed excellently in various films like Khadgam, Samudram failed to fit in the hero slot. Suhasini, who did a good job in Chantigadu has nothing much to perform in this flick.

    Like many villages in Andhra Pradesh, there is one village in which there are two factions. While one faction was led by Prakash (Nagendrababu), the other is by another faction leader. Prakash has a wife Poorna (Sudha) and daughter Priya (Suhasini). Prakash loves his daughter very much. As Prakash wins the elections, the other factional leader decides to eliminate Prakash and his followers. He manages to mix poison in the feast organized by Prakash. Poorna dies after eating food in the feast, but Priya and Prakash survive as they did not eat the food. Prakash's follower (Chinna) also dies in the incident but his son Ganapati @ Ganaa (Brahmaji) survives. To save Priya from the factionists, Prakash keeps her in city with his nephew and educates her. Ganaa was brought up by Prakash and he remains a bodyguard for him. The factional feuds continue to remain as the main person behind factional fights Allagadda Adekka (Sakuntala) was sentenced to life imprisonment. After her return, she decides to eliminate Prakash and makes many attempts but Prakash survives all of them because of Ganaa.

    Prakash's nephew, who is also a doctor, constructs a hospital in their village and brings several costly equipment for surgeries. Meanwhile Priya returns from the city and falls in love with Ganaa. But the latter, who knows what he is and what was his position maintains distance with her. But she continues to say 'I love You' to Ganaa. In fact, Priya has a heart problem and she needed to be operated. To keep her alive, heart transplant is the only way. During their tests, Prakash's nephew finds that Ganaa's heart and blood suits her exactly and Ganaa needs to be killed to save her. Finally, during the Ganesh Chaviti festivities, the doctors plan surgery but by that time, Prakash's nephew and Prakash come to know that Priya loves Ganaa. To save her and her love, Prakash sacrifices his heart and unites Priya and Ganaa. With this the film ends.


    Brahmaji though emoted well in sentimental scenes he could not shake his leg well with ease in dances. However, he showed good timing in action scenes. Only the action scenes by him remained a plus point. Comedy by Ramjagan and Uttej in one track, Lakshmipati-Sakuntala-Gouthamraju in another track is okay. The character actor himself turns a villain in the climax and returns to character artiste by realizing the value of love of his daughter. Nagendrababu did the role with Élan. In fact, it is Nagendrababu's character that is worth watching in the film. Suhasini has nothing much to do or perform in the film and being a village girl, she did not have much scope either to show any glamour. But it is okay.


    The director unnecessarily kept the faction in the backdrop. It neither served any purpose nor has anything to do with the story. But for the action scenes of Brahmaji, the factional feuds have no meaning in it. The director should have avoided those scenes and made it a straight love story.


    Cinematography is good in songs, while the action choreography perfectly suited Brahmaji. Songs are also not that impressive. Only a couple of songs were choreographed well. Editing should be crisper. Anup Chakravarthy's production values are adequate.

    Cast: Brahmaji, Suhasini, Nagendrababu, Ramjagan, Uttej, Lakshmipati, Gouthamraju, Chinna, Babu Mohan, Telangana Sakuntala, Sudha and others.


    Cinematograph - VSD Prasad

    Editing - Rangaswamy

    Action - Vijay

    Presents - Smt Indumati

    Music - Vandemataram Srinivas

    Producer - R Anup Chakravarthy

    Story, screenplay and direction - KK Raviraj

    Banner - Trendset Films

    Released on - November 10, 2006

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