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<i>Mayabazar</i> Review

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    Monday, December 04, 2006
    A feast to the eyes and ears of audiences

    Award winning director Indraganti Mohanakrishna proved that he could also direct a move with good commercial values. Moreover, the concept took for the film is extraordinary that one should have a good heart to help and serve the society and he need not necessarily have money. At the same time, it was also proved that if you have a good heart you will continue to serve the society even if you become rich at a later date.

    Srinivas (Raja) is the son of a cotton farmer. The entire family end life in pact. However, Srinu survives. Srinu works as a driver with a kind-hearted person (Tanikella Bharani). Though Srinu is penniless, he shares whatever he has with the orphans. Bhaskar (Ali) is his roommate. Once he happens to meet a girl called Siri (Baby Harshita), who was left by her father Chalapati (Surya) at the airport. Anupama (Bhoomika) meets Srinu accidentally in an accident and she keeps shadowing him. Srinu takes that girl with him and finds that she has a heart problem and she is needed surgery which costs Rs 3 lakhs. Srinu tries his best but could not secure such a huge money. To fulfill Siri's wish, Srinu takes her to Tirupati. He starts cursing the God for being so merciless. At this juncture, Lord Kubera (SP Balasubrahmanyam) comes to his rescue and gives him Rs 5 lakhs. Kubera does that favour to get relief from a curse (Sapa Vimochanam) given by Gouthama Muni. Srinu gets Siri operated and starts business with the remaining Rs 2 lakhs and becomes a rich man. Being kind-hearted, he decides to spend 50 per cent of his profits for charity and to eradicate hunger. He chalks out various plans and serves the people of his village. Anu joins Srinu in doing social service. Kubera used to come to Srinu's house and works in his home, discreetly. He feels bad for working in a man's house though he is very rich But, as per the curse given by the Gouthama, Kubera has to work in the man's home till his death. Anu and Srinu fall in love with each other. Kubera gets a crooked idea and decides to kill that man, so that he could get relief early. Srinu pleads with Kubera to give him a week's time to settle all his accounts and entrust the social service to some one. One fine day, Srinu reveals to Anu that he is going to die in a few days and asks her to take care of Siri. Though she refuses to believe it, she agrees to it after persistent appeal by Srinu. But she puts a condition to marry her. Their marriage was fixed on the seventh day when Kubera was to take the life. Though hesitates, Kubera accepts to act like the bride's father and gets her married to Srinu. Then the secret gets revealed that Anupama is none other than the daughter of Kubera and it was all planned and the entire drama was enacted by Narada (Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam), Kubera's wife Vruddhi (Bangalore Padma) and their servant Virupaksha (Sudarshan). At this juncture, the bridegroom goes to Alaka Panpu (Demanding fulfillment of some desire by the father-in-law). Kubera asks Srinu what was his wish. Then Srinu asks to stop taking the money every Saturday from Tirupati, as part of collection of interest from Lord Venkateswara. Instead, it could be spent here on earth which would save thousands of people from hunger. With this, Kubera gets relief from Gouthama's curse. The film ends on a happy note.

    The gripping story, excellent screenplay, performance of all the artistes, melodious music, what not, everything in the film is a plus for this film. Especially, the scenes involving SP Balasubrahmanyam are quite hilarious. The entire film has a smooth flow and the audiences feel very relieved while watching the film.

    There are very few minuses in the film which are negligible. A couple of songs were not really necessary in the film. However, the director thought of running the film for a full 2 hour 20 minutes, which might have compelled him to put them. The scene where Bhoomika shakes her hand with Ali and embarrasses him hints that something is fishy in her character, which eases the suspense to some extent. It should have been avoided.

    The selection of artistes was so perfect that each and every character has a specific purpose. Not even a foot of the film had gone waste and the audiences can't move from the seat as each frame has its own value and purpose. Everyone did justice to their roles. Radhakrishnan's tunes were so melodious. Choreography of songs and one or two action scenes were also done with perfect planning and added flavour to the gripping story. Moreover, the message given in the film is also very good. The graphic works of Pushpaka Vimanam was also done perfectly.

    Cast: Raja, Bhoomika, Baby Harshita, SP Balasubrahmanyam, Tanikella Bharani, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, LB Sriram, Ali, Duvvasi Mohan, Gundu Sudarshan, Raja Sridhar, Uttej, Jayalalitha, Bangalore Padma and others.

    Dialogues - Jayakumar, Indraganti Mohanakrishna
    Cinematography - Jawahar Reddy
    Story - Jayakumar
    Lyrics - Veturi and Sahiti
    Editing - Nagireddy
    Presents - RKK Films International
    Music - KM Radhakrishnan
    Producer - B Satyanarayana and Rajkishore Khaware
    Screenplay and Direction - Mohanakrishna Indraganti
    Banner - Satyam Entertainments
    Released on - December 01, 2006

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