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    <i>Priyasakhi</i> - Review

    By Staff

    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Director Adiyaman did a wonderful job in moulding a beautiful love story coupled with sentiment on the celluloid. Several love stories came on the silverscreen and at the same time, there are similar stories where the hero and heroine separate with misunderstanding and again unite on some reason or the other. But, in this film, the director gave a good solution to such headstrong girls, who think that moving like a socialite is a cosmopolitan culture and ignore the human relations. He aptly resolved that one should taste the sweetness in blood relation and then only they could realize the real happiness in it.

    Radha Krishan (Madhavan) alias Kittu is a senior manager in an automobile company. He has a sweet and joint family including grandmother, mother, sister, brother and sister-in-law, who has a son and a daughter. The family is quite traditional and an upper-middle class family. He happens to meet an ultra-modern good looking girl and loses his heart. Unlike Kittu's family, Priya's parents are also quite modern and has a cosmopolitan nature. They are too outgoing. Especially, Priya's mother is a club-bird and is very socialite, while Priya's father is a hen-pecked hubby who doesn't bother to have a social life of his own and always stays back in home. Priya emulates her mother and keep herself busy like her mother with parties. She has no attachments and behaves like a free bird. Both Kittu and Priya fall in love with each other. However, Priya's mother warns her not to marry Kittu as he is just an upper-middle class boy and from a traditional family. But Priya is mad about Kittu and marries him. Only after her marriage she comes to know how the life would be in a joint family. She, however, could not adjust in that family and wants Kittu to get away from it. But Kittu refuses her idea. At this juncture, Priya turns pregnant. First she thinks of getting it aborted but Kittu doesn't like the idea. Priya unable to decide what to do and goes with her mother innocently to a hospital. Even before something really happened Kittu reaches the hospital and prevents the abortion. At this juncture, Priya comes to know that Kittu had read her diary and knew her tastes before their marriage and during their love. She starts hating Kittu saying that he cheated her. As she starts boozing in the party, Kittu slaps her which led to their separation. It goes to the extent of taking judicial separation. But Kittu pleads with the court that he wants his baby in Priya's womb. So the court directs to deliver the baby and then take divorce. In order to safeguard the baby in the womb, Kittu gets court permission to provide security to her and he too wants to stay with her. The time goes by and Priya delivers a girl. Again on the doctor's advice, she had to stay with Kittu to breastfeed her baby. Then she realizes the sweetness of attachment between a mother and a child and in a joint family. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Kittu and Priya.


    Madhavan's performance as a lover, brother, son and a husband is fantastic. He did a decent job in all the shades. However, it would have been better if he could shed some weight. Sada stole the limelight with her glamour, performance and histrionics. Performance by Aishwarya as a cosmopolitan cultured woman is good and she is known for doing such roles with ease. Prathap Pothan as hen-pecked husband and Rajyalakshmi as Madhavan's mother did justice to their roles. A big plus point in the film is the climax, wherein the heroine realizes the sweetness in togetherness.


    The film has very few minus points to mention. The comedy track by Kovai Sarala looked quite overboard. It would have been better if it had been trimmed a little by the editor. Choreography for a couple of songs is good and the audio is just okay. The screenplay in the first half is okay and moved at a steady pace, the second half of the film looked a little bore with the hero trying to teach her a lesson.


    Though the film's storyline is different and the performance by all the artistes is okay, the commercial viability may not be very interesting as it has nothing to attract the mass audiences as well as youth. Only class audiences and families could bear the slow story. The image of Madhavan and Sada in Telugu is comparatively less and we have to wait and watch how the people will receive it.

    Cast: Madhavan, Sada, Aishwarya, Pratap Pothan, Rajyalakshmi, Ramesh Khanna, Madhubala, Manobala, Kovai Sarala and Rehman others.


    Cinematography - Sethu Sriram

    Screenplay - Rumi Jaffery

    Editing - Udayashankar

    Music - Bharadwaj

    Dialogues and lyrics - Vennelakanti

    Presents - C Kalyan

    Producer - Teja

    Story and Direction - KS Adiyaman.

    Banner : Teja Cinema

    Released on : November 03, 2006.

    Gallery : Actors, Actresses, Movies, Special Events.

    Priyasakhi - Movie Stills.

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