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Adavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule Movie Review

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Monday, April 30, 2007
Yet another family entertainer from Venkatesh
Venkatesh is one among the top heroes in Tollywood. Though the number of films he acted is less as compared to other top heroes, the number of hits was higher than all the others as he is very careful in selecting the stories and always shuns a particular image by doing different films. Incidentally, he chooses one action and one family subject alternatively in the process. His previous Sankranti release Lakshmi which has action backdrop with a touch of sentiment was proved a blockbuster last year. After a long gap of about 16 months, he came out with a fantastic love subject which is full of entertainment of his mark. The film reminded the audiences of his earlier family subject Nuvvu Naaku Nachav.

Ganesh (Venkatesh) is from a middle-class family. He makes several vain bids to secure a job due to his poor language skills and inadequate educational qualifications. All his friends settle in life but he continues to struggle to secure a job. Ganesh has two good friends Vasu (Sriram) and another friend (Sunil). His father (Kota Srinivasa Rao) who was a teacher, always chides for remaining irresponsible. At this juncture, Ganesh happens to watch Keerthi (Trisha) and loses his heart in first sight. Learning that she is working in Software Solutions, Ganesh tries hard and secures a job in that firm. Keerthi is a short-tempered girl. Once Ganesh accompanies her along with two other colleagues (Jeeva and Vinay Prasad) to Australia, where he reveals his love to her. She refuses him saying that she came from an orthodox family and her marriage was also fixed with her brother-in-law. The depressed Ganesh returns to India. Watching his son in depression, his father meets Keerti. The girl abuses him for recommending his son's love and accidentally slaps both Ganesh and his father. That night, Ganesh's father dies of heart attack. In order to change Ganesh's mood, Vasu takes him to his home. Incidentally, Keerthi is none other than the sister-in-law of Vasu and both of them are getting married. Their grandfather (K Viswanath) thought of getting them married earlier but both of them leave the house to prove their individuality. This causes heartburn to their grandfather. After two years, their parents decide to get them married to cool the temper of their grandfather. After several turn of events, Keerthi realises that she too was in love with him, but it is too late. Ganesh tells her to forget him as it would not be nice to create problems in a happy family. But Vasu's grandfather notices them and chides Keerthi for spoiling the good name of their family and asks Ganesh to get out of his house. Finally, everyone realizes that both are in deep love and unites them.

Venkatesh's performance is a major plus point in the film. He really excelled in the character and totally involved in the character. He showed perfect emotions in his facial expressions. Performance of other artistes including Trisha, Viswanath, Sriram and Sunil was also very impressive. The director devoted the entire first half to portray love and the second half to sentiment and emotions. The snake episode was hilarious while the love episode between 'Colours' Swati and Venkatesh was also hilarious. Swati excelled in showing innocence. Kota Srinivasa Rao performed in his inimitable style and did total justice to his role.

However, there are very few lapses in the film. The editor abruptly cut the snake episode. Though evoked laughter, farting by people, showing people relieving in open space which is, of course, common in villages, over affection shown by the family members of Sreeram that led to burping by the hero looked a little inappropriate. Sunil's character was also not etched well. All the songs are very slow and sans any fast beat and the mass audiences may not like them.

Despite the minor lapses, the film has a good value of entertainment and worth watching. Though the first half is a good time pass, the second half was dragged slowly and the tempo was almost lost. The film would be a definite hit in 'A' centres because of Venkatesh's excellent performance and slow pace of songs but its success is doubtful at B and C centres. However, the film is worth watching once, though it lacks mass elements.

Cast: Venkatesh, Trisha, Sriram, K Viswanath, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sunil, Suman Shetty, Vinay Prasad, Jeeva, Prasadbabu, Melkote, Anant, GV, 'Colours' Swati, Meghana Naidu, Rajyalakshmi

Producers: Sanam Naga Ashokkumar, NV Prasad
Banner: Sri Sai Deva Productions (P) Ltd.
Director: Sri Raghava
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Balamurugan

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