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Anasuya Review

By Staff
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    Ravibabu is not only a versatile artiste, but also a good and tasteful director. He plays the roles of comedy villain and comedian on the screen with ease and off the screen, he has brought out a different film like Allari and proved successful with his debut movie. However, his second film was a dud, as the sentiment that rules the Telugu film industry. Again, he has came out with his latest film Anasuya on his own production, in association with a popular banner like Suresh Productions. Once again, the audience taste a spicy dish from this able director, with a heroine-oriented movie, with suspense and thriller in its backdrop.

    Anasuya (Bhoomika) reaches city to become a reporter in a private television channel. She stays with Joseph (Melkote) in the city. Right on her first day of her appointment, she gets an opportunity to act as an undercover reporter and brings to light the child labour in a minister's house. She gains a good name with her operation. By that time, the city police will be breaking their heads about a serial killer, who kills the wife (Ankitha) of an industrialist and the wife of a poultry farm owner. With the sting operation of Anasuya, the child labourer, Lakshmi, loses her job and nobody looks after her. Learning this, Anasuya brings Lakshmi with her and treats her with sisterly affection and turns her best friend. The police find something special in the serial murders. The killer after killing a person takes away one body part from that victim. One day, Anasuya finds the killer at her house, while killing Joseph, from whom he takes away his heart. Anasuya, while watching the footage of a film in her television channel notices that person and informs Task Force police officer Anand (Abbas) about it. The police identifies him as Rangadu and corner him, but he pretends as a physically challenged and police leave him. But Anasuya proves that he is not disabled. When the police again corner him, he kills two of the police personnel. He also tries to kill Anasuya later, but in a bid to escape from him, Anasuya stabs another person. After a few turn of events, police again trap him but he escapes in a miraculous way and make the police believe that he is dead. Again, Anasuya finds him. But, by that time, the private channel management decides to dismiss Anasuya as she is bringing disrepute to the channel. Anasuya then decides to resolve the mystery on her own and gathers all the information about the serial killer and whom he has killed. Incidentally, she finds all the organs he took away were donated by one individual called Pooja (Nikhita). She starts investigation at her village and surprises that the killer is none other than a medical college professor who loved a girl madly. He turns a psycho after she refuses his love and kills her. As she is admitted to a hospital and is declared brain dead, his body parts were removed from her as she already donated her organs. The professor, takes away the body and wants to reinstate the organs which she donated by killing those people. He was able to gather all the organs and the last organ is an eye which is arranged to Lakshmi. Learning this, Anasuya somehow finds the place where he is staying and rescues Lakshmi by killing him there.

    PLUS: The perfect screenplay, ability in direction, fantastic background score, excellent performance by Bhoomika. All these are the plus points of the film. Director Ravibabu showed his shrewdness in directing the film and the audiences can't find even a single scene which is absurd or unnecessary in the first half. However, with most of the story wrapped up in the first half, there is nothing much to explain in the second half. However, he tried to manage the part with lot of brain-game involving the heroine. Screenplay scripted by Paruchuri Brothers is another plus point of the movie. The best part of the film is the music by Sekhar Chandra, son of popular cinematographer Hari Anumolu. He gave a fantastic re-recording all through the film and the sound recording and DTS mixing by Madhusudhan Reddy needs kudos as the music elevated the mood in the film

    MINUS: In the last 40 minutes before the climax, the audience feel bored for about 20-25 minutes, as the scenes appeared a bit dragged. However, there is no other choice but run the film like that to maintain the tempo. Another minus point is that the director should not have revealed the suspense before the interval bang. Revealing the killer itself was at a wrong timing and the breaking of suspense about his death is another wrong step. This is the feeling of the fellow audience but that revelation itself gained interest among them technically. Limiting the hero's role is another draw back, as the entire story revolves around the heroine.

    Remarks: As is said right from the beginning, it is a different from routine flicks and really different thriller. The director has moulded the story based on a theme 'Bhava Sthirani Jananaanthara Sahrudaani…' (which means those who love with each other will take birth for several times and they continue to be lovers). It is a typical psycho-thriller. It can be watched once. As it is a suspense thriller, the makers could not expect repeat audience, which may prove a draw back to certain extent.

    Cast: Bhoomika, Abbas, Ravibabu, Nikhita, Melkote, Harshavardhan, director Sarat (guest appearance), Ankitha, Revathi, Sudeepa, Pavala Shyamala, Natanya Singh, Allari Subhashini, Raja Sridhar, and others

    Credits: Dialogues - Nivas, Cinematography - N Sudhakar Reddy, Editing - Marthand K Venkatesh, Art - Rajiv Nayar, Music - Sekhar Chandra, Action - Kanal Kannan, Satish, Screenplay - Paruchuri Brothers, Presents - Suresh Productions, Direction and Production - 'Allari' Ravibabu.

    Banner: Flying Frogs

    Released on: December 21, 2007

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