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Saturday, March 03, 2007
Poor narration and screenplay kills the novel storyline
Definitely the film is based on a novel theme. So far, no such films have been made. The hero taking revenge is, of course, an old formula. However, there was no need for him to enact the role so vigourously. The story sounds interesting when just narrated but not on the screen. Though the director tried to make a novel point, he could not do it well because of a novice hero like Kesava who has only the experience of acting in two films. Earlier,,such roles have been played by Chiranjeevi playing the lead role. But Kesava failed to fit in the role well. Instead, it is Rajan P Dev who walked away with honours.

Gangaraju (Rajan P Dev) is a rowdy sheeter. He eliminates all those who work against him and becomes the leader of all the goondas in Visakhapatnam. Gangaraju has a son Gautham (Raghu) and a daughter Swetha (Tejasri). Gangaraju loves his wife (Sangeetha) very much. This "monarch" has a happy living in Vizag. He doesn't mind killing anyone who comes in his way. At this juncture, Swetha meets Pavan Teja (Keshava) and they become good friends. Though Gautham appears to be on the quieter at home, he acts lavish and enjoys with girls outside. One day Gangaraju gets a threatening call, and the caller says that his son escaped from the jaws of death.

Few minutes later, he gets another call from hospital informing him that his son was stabbed and was admitted to the hospital. Again the anonymous caller tells Gangaraju that he would get Gautham killed himself. The caller plays a trick and Gangaraju kills Gautham. Gangaraju believes that the anonymous caller is his enemy's brother whom he killed. Again the caller calls to warn him that he would ensure that he would get his wife is killed. This he does - he kills his wife. By that time, Gangaraju comes to know that it is none other than Pawan. Then Pawan goes in flashback mode. Once Gangaraju wanted to enter politics - so he filed his nomination. However he kills a girl in an accident and sub-inspector Atluri Chandrasekhar (Benarjee) registered a case against him. This ends his hopes of becoming an MLA. Irked over the turn of events against his favour, Gangaraju hatches a plan and gets the SI, his wife (Sana) and his daughter killed by the SI's son Pawan Teja.

So Pawan decides to take his revenge and then gets Gautham and his mother killed by Gangaraju. Pawan also assures him him that he would see to it that Shweta is killed by Gangaraju. So, Gangaraju decides to make a reverse sweep and tells Swetha that it is Pawan who killed her brother and mother. Gangaraju challenges Swetha to kill Pawan. But Pawan, who loved Swetha, decides not to kill her. He offers his last prayers to his parents and sister. But, Swetha shoots Pawan. Believing Pawan is dead, Gangaraju gives the sweet mixed with the poison to Swetha, which the former wanted to kill in a bid to commit suicide. The grievously injured Pawan wakes up and reveals the truth that Gangaraju killed Swetha with his hands by offering poisonous food. As Swetha turns senseless, Gangaraju turns mad. The film was supposed to end in tragedy. But the director plays a trick saying that there is no death to love, though vengeance will have to die its own death. In the climax, Pawan and Swetha was shown leading a happy life, and the audiences has to infer that both of them survived from death.

Plus Points
Though the director failed to mould the villainous character in Rajan P Dev, he walked away with honours with fantastic performance. His villainy looked like a comedy villain and not a real villain. It is the only highlight in the film. Though played a small role, Benarjee and Sana did justice to their roles. Sangeetha is also fine as the villain's wife.

Minus Points
None of the songs are worth listening nor their choreography. Despite having experience of acting in two films (Bejawada Police Station and Arre) earlier, Keshava still had to learn a lot as he failed to emote well. The director tried to impose negative character in hero, but it failed to suit Kesava. Debutant heroine Tejasri though looked a big gorgeous, failed to perform well. In fact, there is nothing much to perform either. She could not fill the glamour slot as the choreography of songs also not upto the mark. The director should have maintained the suspense for some more time instead of revealing it at interval bang. Jeeva's character is almost unnecessary.

Final Remarks:
But for the novelty in the storyline which has a negative touch in the hero's character, there is nothing much to boast of in the film. A film which could be conveniently ignored as it has neither entertainment nor message.

Cast: Kesava, Tejasri, Rajan P Dev, Raghu, Mallikarjuna Rao, Jeeva, Benarjee, Venumadhav, Narsing Yadav, Kallu Chidambaram, Sangeetha, Sana and others.

Dialogues - Ajay B
Camera - Anil
Music - Vijay Kurakula
Presents - Nangunuri Sobharani
Producer - Mettu Surya Prakash
Story, Screenplay and direction - Theerta.

Banner: Sai Shruti 2D Creations.

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