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Saturday, June 30, 2007
Some people may have the passion to make good films but who don't choose the right are really wasting their energy and time. It seems that director V Rajagopal, who has a diploma in film technology, is one such person. He thought of making a film with a message that teenagers should concentrate on their studies and not divert their attention towards sex and other such things. However, while trying to get this message out, he went in circles narrating and portraying all kinds of indecent actions in most of the scenes in his film

Seriously, if the teenagers watch the film, there is even more a chance that they will be encouraged to please their sexual urges more. Simran (Shyla Lopez) is the only daughter of a millionaire (played by Vizag Prasad). Simran's father gets her married and sends the newly wedded couple on their honeymoon. While on their honeymoon, Simran's husband Prithviraj (Prithvi) gets killed in an accident.

Private detectives are hired to find out why he was killed by friends. They discover that the murder of Prithvi was not an accident but a perfectly executed operation. After her husband passes away, Simran gets depressed for a while. She later decides that revenge is to be taken on those responsible.

To start off with, she attracts the attention of Rajesh (Prithviraj), another millionaire, in a gym. Later, she joins a school as a teacher. Full of beauty and glamour, she attracts everyone in the junior college, in which the majority of the students are teenage girls and boys

One among the students in the Junior college is Kailash (played by Arjun Singh). He is mesmerized by her beauty but finds himself unable to tell her, her being his teacher. After a few days of teaching, she resigns and works for Rajesh as his personal secretary. Kailash pursues her, going to her house saying that he goes there for tuitions.

Complicating matters further, a Indian girl by name Keerthi and an American girl by name Christie fall in love with Kailash. Simran's boss Rajesh too takes to her beauty. His wife Khushboo notices this and is raged. One fine day, Khushboo visits her son Kailash's room and finds pictures of Simran all over the walls. She also finds a diary in which Kailash has written "I Love You". To add to this, there are also a few of Simran's undergarments.

She tells Rajesh this and he is enraged. He goes straight to her and questions her alleged actions. She confesses to him her only intention was to avenge the death of her husband, he rapes here. Later she also confesses that her son lost his virginity to her. Rajesh is angered even more when she tell him this. He takes out his gun to shot her but is stopped by Simran. She then kills Rajesh and surrenders to the police.

After her arrest, she finds out that she is pregnant, Kailash asks her if the child is his. She says no it is not - it's hers she says.


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