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Chanakyudu Review

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A poor commercial flick
It has become common practice for the film producers to make a bid to cash in on the image of popular artistes if they are in the limelight. With Sneha, who earned good name and fame through Sriramadasu and others, HD Nageswara Rao chose to dub her film in Tamil Aayudham in Telugu in which Prashant played the hero's role. Prashant is well known among Telugu audiences. However, the film has a routine commercial formula with nothing new either in the subject nor in its style. Siva (Prashant) is the son of a head constable. His father wants to see him become a doctor and somehow gets him a seat in medical college. However, Siva always fights for justice and roughs up someone who commits wrong in the society. He has intentions to become a police officer but he is forced to join the medical college by his father. Mahalakshmi aka Maha (Sneha) is the daughter of a priest. She is a good chess player. In fact, it is her deaf and dumb sister who was more interested in chess. While teaching her, Maha became a better chess player. Soon she wants to become the state chess champion. Maha also joins the medical college. Siva and Maha meet each other while coming and going to the college on the local train. However, Maha fears to talk to Siva for a specific reason. There is a boy called Naga (Subbaraju), who was the son of maha's servant maid(panimanshi) and grew up as a goon. He threatens Maha family - because he is in love with her and wants her to marry him. He is ready to wait for as long as it takes. Naga used to thrash, break the hands and even murder those who tease, talk to ans those who are the least bit interested in her. Siva teaches Maha's men a good lesson and Maha challenges Naga to win over Siva to marry her. Naga tries to use his political and police power to mend Siva's ways. But Siva outwits all the plans of Naga. However, in the process, Maha's father gets killed as he leaves the house despite a warning from Siva not to move out. Finally Siva kills Naga and saves Maha's family from his fear. The film ends on a happy note.

Plus Points

It is the performance of villain Subbaraju which is worth watching on the screen. It is the major plus point in the film. Next comes Sneha, who had got a fair chance of both glamour and performance. The incident wherein the hero brings an LPG cylinder and leaks the gas while speaking to the villain to prevent him from using revolver is a highlight. The climax fight was also shot well.

Minus Points

The basic storyline is the major minus in the film. There is nothing new in it. Moreover the way it was moulded on the screen is like a commercial formula film. Had it been released in 80s, people would have watched it and made it a hit. But for this generation of youth, such kind of tricks like political clouts, police actions and fights are outdated and hence there is no response for the film.


Prashant, though known for playing soft roles, excelled as an action hero on the screen. Sneha is also good. Dialogues by Shashank Vennelakanti are okay in parts. Lyrics failed to sync the lip movement but the costumes used in songs are good as they were neat and suited Sneha well without giving any scope for obscenity or awkward dressing.

Cast: Prashant, Sneha, Subbaraju, Janakaraj and others.

Camera - Aravind
Thrills - Kanal Kannan
Editing - Sai
Music - Dina
Lyrics - Vennelakanti
Dialogues - Shashank Vennelakanti
Presents - N Venkateswara Rao
Producer - HD Nageswara Rao
Story, screenplay, and direction - Murugesh.

Banner: Sri Sai Santosh Movies

Released on : March 9, 2007

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