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Monday, April 09, 2007
/">Murugadas' image fails to save film
It has become a fashion for the producers to dub films of popular heroes and directors and Dada is one among them. As the director of the film AR Murugadas has become very popular with his films Gajini and Stalin, the producers tried to cash in on his image. Moreover, the hero and heroine Ajit and Laila too were familiar faces to the Telugu audiences, which was an added advantage. However, the film has nothing novel and it is a routine commercial formula film, with some fights and a couple of songs.

Rudramurthy aka Rudra (Ajit) is a street rowdy and he was brought up by Raghava Reddy (Suresh Gopi), who runs a gang. However, the group will thrash people and teach them a lesson by punishing them by chopping hands and, if need be, killing them. However, they claim that they do everything for the good of the society. Rudra stays with Raghava Reddy, his sister Shanti and mother. Everyone in the family treats Rudra like their own family member. Rudra happens to meet Chitra (Laila) and falls in love with her. The latter too likes him. Chitra tells Rudra that she likes fights and hence Rudra reveals his identity that he was a street rowdy.

At this point, Raghava Reddy's followers tell Rudra that someone was teasing his sister Shanti. Rudra bashes Ashok. When he comes to know that they continued to tease Shanti, Rudra decides to teach Ashok a lesson. When he comes to know that Ashok is none other than Chitra's brother, he spares him. When Raghava Reddy decides to get Shanti married to a police officer, Shanti decides to elope with Ashok. She meets with an accident soon after and dies. Before dying, Shanti pleads with Rudra to save Ashok's family from her elder brother.

Raghava Reddy kills one of Ashok's friends, who in his dying declaration, reveals that he was stabbed by Raghava Reddy. Irked over the death of Shanti, Raghava Rao tells Rudra to kill all those in Ashok's family. But Rudra refuses to do so as he gave his word to Shanti. Raghava Rao turns furious and vows to kill Ashok's family and if need be he says that he was ready to kill even Rudra. Police arrest Raghava Reddy on murder charge.

Rudra decides to be with Chitra's family to save them from Raghava Reddy. After some time, Raghava Reddy comes out of jail on bail and decides to kill Ashok's family. However, Shanti's friends tell Raghava Reddy that Shanti and Ashok loved each other. Raghava Reddy realises the truth and the film ends on a happy note with the union of Rudra and Chitra.

Plus Points:

There aren't many plus points for the film. Of course, Ajit who already earned a mass image did justice to his role and the same is the case with Suresh Gopi. Laila looked smart and glamorous. A couple of duets of Ajit and Laila are okay. Action scenes are the highlights of the film.

Minus Points:

The native backdrop is the basic drawback of the movie. At the same time, the film is made with a routine commercial formula with a couple of songs and a handful of fights. The director ignored to establish the origin of the hero Ajit and why he was staying with Suresh Gopi's family. It was also not established why some auto drivers play the role of Good Samaritans to give shelter to Ajit. Even the love scenes between the hero and heroine were not properly etched.


The film is not so interesting for any class of audience. Though the fights might enthuse the front-benchers, the poor storyline has killed the enthusiasm in the film.

Cast: Ajit, Laila, Suresh Gopi, Nagma and others

Dialogues - Vasant,
Lyrics - Bhuvanachandra and Vennelakanti,
Cinematography - K Aravind,
Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja,
Action - Super Subbarayan,
Producer - C Yuvaraju,
Story, screenplay and direction - A R Murugadas.

Banner: Gayatri Movies

Released on: April 5, 2007

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