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Enthavaaralaina Review

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Monday, March 26, 2007
A reflection of present generation's mindset
The present generation of youth is getting addicted to vices. The youth now take their life easily and only want to enjoy it without bothering about building their own character and morality. However, the director of the film 'Yenthavaaralainaa...' wants to prove that if you have true faith in God, he would safeguard your life from its various ills.. Maanya, who hitherto played some not very prominent roles in Telugu films but has played the heroine in Tamil and Kannada films, plays the female lead while Kranthi has been introduced as the hero and Tina as another heroine.

Krishna (Kranthi) is the son of Dasaratharam (Giribabu) who is a fashion designer. He prepares different kinds of dresses and sells them to his neighbour Samadhanam, a Christian woman. Christina (Maanya) is the daughter of Samadhanam. Though Krishna and Christina are neighbours and lovers, they pretend that they always fight with each other. They think that their parents will not object to their meeting and will not doubt that they are lovers as they pretend quarrelling with each other. One day they decide to elope to Bangalore, where they want to set up a software company's agency. However, they alight the bus and take a short cut to another way. However, they find a girl held hostage in a house and decide to rescue her. She reveals that her name is Chaturika (Tina) and that she was a journalist. She claims that she tried to shoot the exchange of money worth Rs 1 crore between big politicians and hence was held captive. Chaturika tells Krishna and Christina to take away Rs 80 lakhs from her to donate to some orphanage and she would meet them later to complete the work. In fact, Chaturika is a cunning girl, who is addicted to many vices. Innocently, Christina and Krishna take away the money with them. Chaturika later meets them and tells them that the goons of the politicians are after her and not to reveal about the details of money now. Chaturika stays with Krishna's parents and endears herself them with her attitude. Even Krishna also starts showing a soft corner towards Chaturika. This worries Christina and suspects whether Krishna is falling in love with her. Finally, Chaturika comes out in the open and unveils her real nature. She tries to lure Krishna, but Christina's faith in God stops Krishna from falling into her trap. Though Chaturika takes away the money, she is not able to enjoy the money as she realises that her life was in threat and tactfully informs the police in the climax. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Krishna and Christina, though Chaturika goes out in search of another poor guy to lure him.

Plus Points

The main plot and the storyline for the film are good. The director, to some extent, succeeds in maintaining the suspense and tempo all through the film. The narration of the film is good and the director was able to reflect the moods and lifestyle of the present generation's youth in Chaturika character. Tina also did justice to her role as a carefree girl, while Maanya has also done her job well as a traditional Christian girl. Comedy by Giribabu, Jenny and the woman who plays as Jenny's wife is also good.

Minus Points

Had there be some better known faces as the lead pair, the film would have been worth watching. The hero is a big minus as he is neither good looking nor a performer. He fails to emote well in any scene. The usage of Bible quotes and the satirical dialogues by using Christian teachings should have been avoided. Though they evoke much laughter, there are chances of misunderstanding by that community.


Though holding too many subjects, like story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics and direction, Malladi Vinayaka was able to maintain good tempo all through the film. However, the commercial success of the film is doubtful in the absence of notable artistes and slow and boring movement of the story. The item dance by Tina is good and her oomph gets wasted as it is nor properly utilised as she is shown with a negative shade. The variety song with the true translation of Hindi songs with the same tune is a novel experiment. The song at the climax with Jesus Christ is also good to watch for family audiences, though it might be boring to the youth.

Cast : Kranti, Maanya, Tina, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Giribabu, Jenny, Anant, Gouthamraju, Surya, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, and others.

Credits :
Music - Leo Anand, Rajesh
Background score - Gopal
Cinematography - VN Suresh Kumar
Editing - Ravindra Babu
Presents - Krishnamraju and Nageswara Rao
Producer - IB Rao
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Lyrics, Direction - Malladi Vinayaka.
Banner : Seventh Sense Movies Pvt Ltd
Released on : March 24, 2007

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