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      Gnapakam - Review

      By Staff

      Monday, April 23, 2007

      A variety love story with astrology in backdrop

      Like many other films that appeared on the Telugu screen, Gnapakam is yet another love story with a touch of astrology to some extent and schizophrenia to some extent. Director tried to mix all these in preparing a love story but totally messed up the story with the audiences groping in the dark on what was happening on the screen. However, the narration of flashback in the form of an astrologer revealing the past was a novel experiment.

      Srinu (Venkateswara Rao Atluri) is the son of a landlord (Vizag Prasad) who goes abroad to continue his studies. However, to avoid burden on his father, he continues his studies in the daytime and works as a steward in a restaurant as a part-timer. Pratap (Kongara Rajaram) son of Gothi Venkanna (Kota Srinivasa Rao) from the same village of Srinu reaches US after completing his Java and SAP courses in search of a job. Srinu is a good orator and takes classes for the US students as well, under the guidance of his project coordinator Saba (Benarjee). At this juncture, Srinu falls in love with Sarangi (Visakha Singh), daughter of a millionaire. Both of them like each other. Knowing that Sarangi is interested in astrology, Srinu also studies astrology and gains knowledge. Once he learns that if two lines on the hands of a girl did not meet, she will not marry the one whom she loved. Accidentally, Sarangi's hand has those lines which are separate. This throws Srinu into deep depression. Though Sarangi's father (Ahuti Prasad) and mother (Hema) agree to perform their marriage, Srinu fears that they could not marry each other as per astrology. Now, Pratap, who is with Srinu, wants to separate Sarangi and Srinu, as he doesn't like their love becoming fruitful. In fact, Pratap bears a grudge against Srinu, as Srinu's father always chides Pratap that he was a useless fellow. He hatches a plan and asks a girl called Gayatri, who also loved Srinu, to help him. Pratap makes Srinu to drink heavily and tells Gayatri to sleep with him in a compromising position. Sarangi who happens to see them in that posture, hates Srinu and leaves him. Srinu almost turns mad and returns to India. Fearing Gayatri's men would follow him, Srinu hides in the car of DGP Aravinda Rao (Nazar) and gets caught by the police. After getting separated Sarangi returns to India and agrees to marry another boy. However, both Sarangi and her father could not believe Srinu doing a wrong. Incidentally, the marriage takes place very near to the hospital where Srinu was taking treatment. Learning about everything, Saba, and Parteepan, the roommate of Srinu in the US reach India and reveal the truth to Sarangi. The film ends with the union of Sarangi and Srinu. In the background, there is a voice over that love is above astrology and everything.


      There are absolutely no plus points but for the different kind of picturisation of the flashback, as if an astrologer was predicting the past of the hero. The basic storyline is good but the narration is very confusing. However, choreography of a couple of songs are worth watching.


      The hero is a big minus point for the film. He failed to emote any kind of expression on the screen, whether it is emotional or love scene. It is said that he underwent training in acting but nothing as such was visible on the screen. Even in dances he fails show any ease. Though the heroine is a little glamorous, she too fails to reveal any kind of expressions. Camerawork by G Krishna Murali is okay, while songs tuned by Sekhar Chandra are good to listen as their choreography is not up to the mark but for a couple of songs.


      The film looks boring as the director fails to run it at a steady pace. Moreover, he fails to maintain a particular tempo in the film. When someone is schizophrenic, how can he reach India from the US without any assistance? There are several loopholes in the film and it looks that most of the film (over 75 per cent) was shot abroad. The performance of hero and heroine looked quite artificial sans any expressions. As a whole, the film is boring and could be avoided.

      Cast: Venkateswara Rao Atluri, Visakha Singh, Kongara Rajaram, Nazar, Vizag Prasad, Ahuti Prasad, Benarjee, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Duvvasi Mohan, Jayalalitha, Hema and others.


      Music - Sekhar Chandra,

      Camera - G Krishna Murali,

      Editing - Lokesh,

      Lyrics - Varikuppala Yadagiri,

      Producer - Kongara Subhasnini, Paturi Chakradhar,

      Story, Dialogues, Screenplay and Direction - Uppalapati Narayana Rao.

      Banner: Jerman Town Entertainments

      Released on: April 21, 2007

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