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Kotha Katha Review

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Monday, April 09, 2007
Director Venu R wrote the story, which was a mixture of Mr Pellam, Aithe and some other films. However, he did justice to the subject of the film though the film lags behind in terms of lengthy loops and stretched scenes. Though there was a lot of publicity with the movie posters showing Rambha, she had a limited role in the film and she appeared only in a few scenes and a song.

Three young people, Girish (Vikram), Pillai (Vijaya Sai), Balu (Mithra) reach Hyderabad in search of jobs. They get jobs in Aditya Trans Care (ATC), a company that oversees the cash-filling in the ATM's. All the three get ready to start work. Their company tells them that they were being given Rs 40 lakhs in cash which has to be filled in the ATM counters as was given in the route map. However, their immediate higherup Asha Kothari (Rambha) finds that they have changed their route at the last minute. But she doesn't act upon it. While they proceed to their destination, some burglars waylay their van, kill the guard and the driver of the ATM van and take away the cash box. Immediately, the trio inform the police, who take them into custody on the suspicion that they had hatched a plan to swindle the money.

However, Asha on the instructions of their branch manager, takes the signatures of the trio on empty bond papers and get them released on bail as she knows that it was only a "trial run" and no money of the company was lost. Pentaiah (Tanikella Bharani) starts the investigation of the case. Meanwhile, the branch manager sends Asha away and tells the 3 youngsters that they were responsible for the loss of Rs 40 lakhs to the company. He threatens them that he would fill in the bond papers that they took loan from the bank. With no way to escape, the three decide to commit suicide.

At this point, one Prithvi Rana (Nazar) meets them saying that he was ready to pay them Rs 50 lakhs if they really commit suicide as he was interested in filming people trying to commit suicide. In order to escape from the blame that they have swindled money and to avoid embarrassment to their families, they agree to take the money and plead with Prithvi to give them a day's time to commit suicide. The next day, Prithvi calls them to honour their contract with him. But they plead with him to relieve them with a promise to do anything except taking their lives - contradicting their acceptance of his offer. He asks them to kill any other person, if they can't kill themselves. With no other alternative again, they agree and gets shocked by watching a photograph of Prakash Rana (Nazar) a look -alike of Prithvi. In fact, he is Prithvi's stepbrother. Both Prithvi and Prakash hatch a plan to kill each other.

While Prakash employs a professional killer, Prithvi chooses to use an innocent youth to avoid suspicion. Being good at heart, they do not kill Prakash but only pretend to make attempts on his life. Finally, Prithvi gives them a last chance and threatens that he would handover the bond papers and other evidence to the police to teach them a lesson. The three youths spray some gas on Prakash to prove that they have killed him. Believing them, Prithvi returns the evidences. As they escape from the spot, Prakash wakes up. Meanwhile, the professional killer set by Prakash aims his gun but could not judge whether he is Prithvi or Prakash as both their vehicles try to overtake each other and one of them gets killed. Noticing this, the three youth chase the killer, nab him, and hand him over to the police. Finally, the real truth unveils that the entire drama was played by Prithvi. The 3 youths now start enjoying the money given by Rana to make a happy living.

Plus Points:

The only plus point in the film is the shrewd direction of Venu. All the three heroes Vikram, Vijay Sai and Mithra did try to give in their best, but the director failed to extract good performances from them. The camera work is good especially in the canning of songs. Songs are just about okay, and the heroines Sameeksha and Samyogita have no role to play except shaking their legs with the heroes. The transaction between the three heroes and a garage owner while purchasing the van was superb. It misleads the audiences that the heroes are talking about a girl, but finally it turns out to be a conversation on a Maruti van.

Minus Points:

Though the director has tried to mould a novel point on the screen, he should have reduced some unnecessary scenes and given preference to some drama. He failed to establish the love equation between Mithra and Sameeksha convincingly. Likewise, introducing Rambha in an item song and later showing her holding a responsible post was also a major mistake. Tanikella Bharani's role could have been improvised further, but the director tried to keep some suspense with that character and failed miserably.


It looks like Venu was inspired by the film 'Aithe' and tried to make this film on the former's lines but failed in his attempt. Ghantadi Krishna's tunes are just okay but the choreography of the songs is good. With the director himself taking up the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction, he failed to do justice to the script and unnecessarily stretched it.

Cast: Vijay Sai, Vikram, Mithra, Rambha, Sameeksha, Samyogita, Nazar (dual role), Tanikella Bharani, Advocate Srinivas, MS Narayana, Gundu Hanumantha Rao and others.

Camera - Amar
Editing - Baswa Paidireddy
Presenter - Mothibai (Piduguralla)
Music - Ghantadi Krishna,
Producer - Smt V Janaki (Piduguralla)
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction - Venu R.

Banner: Madhu Mati Movie Makers (4M)

Released on: April 07, 2007

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