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Laila Majnu - Review

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Monday, June 04, 2007
A love story with happy ending
Many love stories in the past are based on tragedy and youth falling in love is a common phenomenon. While some remain mere attraction, some are true love. Even if the boy and girl are in true love, several factors like caste, creed, religion, money and stature come in their way. Some lovers elope and lead a happy life in some other place while some fine it tough. Some others fail to convince their elders and end their lives in frustration. Very few try to convince their elders and get married with their consent, which in fact is the correct procedure. Very recently, Bommarillu came with a similar concept and proved a big hit. Now, Anji Sreenu has prepared a story almost on similar lines but with a difference in the movement of the story.

Siddhartha alias Siddhu (Hari Varun) pursues his education in the US and visits India on a vacation. He falls in love with Maheswari alias Mahi (Jyothi Krishna) at first site. Though he is a rich guy who has returned from the US, he loves Indian culture and tradition. However, Siddhu's brother Vicky (Raghu) and Mahi's brother Naidu (Brahmaji) are big rivals. They used to fight very often. Siddhu reveals his love to Mahi but she fears the threat to Siddhu from her brother. However, Siddhu convinces her. Learning this, Naidu thrashes Siddhu when he goes to their house to meet Mahi. Irked over this, Vicky attacks Naidu and attempts to stab him. But Siddhu in a bid to prevent it gets injured. Realising the true love between them, Naidu and Vicky patch up their differences. Then come the elders who oppose their marriage. In a bid to convince them, Siddhu proposes an idea. Siddhu says that he will stay with Mahi's parents and Mahi with his parents. After observing them and their character for some days, they could agree for their marriage. But the elders put some conditions that during their period both of them should not talk to each other and their brothers should also not fight with one another. Both the families agree to this concept. Though the elders hatch different plans to separate them, they could not succeed. Instead, both the hero and the heroine win the love and confidence of the other families. At a time, when the elders are about to accept their marriage, their brothers unexpectedly clash with one another. As the contract is breached, they get separated. Siddhu is to return to the US. Before leaving for the US, Siddhu finds a ring which has a lot of sentiment attached to it with Mahi. So, he wants to return it. As they are about to part, their brothers question their parents as to what made them reject their marriage. On learning that they are the cause of this separation, both of them attempt suicide in a bid to unite the lovers. Realising their folly and the love between the couple, the elders accept their marriage and the film ends on a happy note.

PLUS: The running of the film is quite good and the director has given equal importance to all the characters. Surprisingly there are no villains in the film, though the elders of the family look like villains when it comes to love. The situational comedy is another highlight of the film. Comedy track on MS Narayana and Chitram Sreenu, and another comedy track on Telangana Sakuntala, Babu Mohan, Raghu and Brahmaji are worth watching. MM Srilekha's songs are melodious and the hero Harivarun, though a novice has shown good ease at dance sequences. The choreography of action scenes are also stylish. All the other characters have given justice to their roles.


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