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Mantra - Review

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Charmi in Mantra
The most-awaited film of Charmi, Mantra, finally saw the light. The film, which was launched on October 27 last year, faced several hiccups and there were several doubts whether the film would be released or not. In fact, the film was said to remain a milestone in the career of Charmi. The director has maintained good suspense all through the film and the best part in the film is the re-recording by Anand.

Mantra (Charmi) owns a farmhouse on the outskirts of a city. Her father is a gentleman and helped several people, though they ditch him. As a result, he falls in deep debt trap and dies. Mantra agrees to repay the loan by selling the farmhouse called Mantra Nilayam. Unfortunately, three persons, who are residing in the film die in the house and hence it earns the name of a ghost house and nobody comes forward to purchase it. The person, who has lent the money to Mantra's father meets a local goon for help to recover the money. That goon sends Hero (Sivaji) for recovery. Mantra tells him that she has no qualms to pay the money and the problem is with the sale of the building. So Hero promises to help her in selling the building for which Mantra agrees to pay him some commission as well. Hero and three of his friends go to the farmhouse and one of his friends Munuswamy (Chitram Sreenu) dies under mysterious circumstances. Hero takes it as a challenge and decides to bust the secret behind the series of killings. At this juncture one Manikyam (Jeeva) joins him and he too runs away from the building fearing some ghost. The real estate agent calls up Mantra saying, that a professor agreed to purchase the farmhouse. At this stage, hero finds that Mantra's friend is grievously injured in the building and admits her to hospital. On his return, hero finds a person trying to kill Mantra. He is none other than the brother-in-law of the tenant, who stays in the house before the murders took place. It is, he who has murdered his sister, brother-in-law and also Munuswamy. Finally, the film ends on a happy note as the hero drives him away.

PLUS: The perfect script, excellent screenplay, superb re-recording, Charmi's performance, Sivaji's action as a mass hero are the highlights of the movie. The film really proves to be a different movie from the routine flicks and the audiences experience watching a Hollywood film or at least a Bollywood film from Shyam Ramsay. Directorial abilities of Osho Tulasiram can be scene in every frame and he has maintained good suspense all through the movie. The audience would sit on the edge of the chair to watch the film as none of the scenes are predictable. The pop song picturised on Charmi is also worth watching. She has really done a commendable job all through the film. Her histrionics, body language is very impressive.

MINUS: Though the film has been brought out in a fantastic manner, the director concentrated more on maintaining the suspense and made it a thriller and ignored the entertainment part. There is very less comedy all through the film and is very negligible. In the absence of any entertainment, the audience feet bored as there is no comic relief at all. Though Sivaji had a very good and key role in the film, he was conspicuously absent from publicity and the unit concentrated more on Charmi and Charmi alone.

Mantra trailer

REMARKS: The house set of Mantra Nilayam has been erected at Shamshabad exclusively for the film by the film unit and most of the film has been shot there. The production values of the film are good. Charmi once again has proved that she can perform well, on the lines of her earlier film Anukokunda Oka Roju. She has lived to the expectations of the director and exactly presented the feelings and created a good mood among the audiences. Definitely the film would remain a milestone in her career. Kausha appeared in a song and she also looked gorgeous and sexy. The film had a huge opening and almost at every theatre, tickets were sold in black market ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 200.

Cast: Sivaji, Charmme, Chitram Sreenu, Anchor Vijay, Kausha and others.

Credits: Dialogues – Surendra Krishna and Ravi Kolikapudi, Music – Anand, Presents – Umaprakash, Producers – Ch Kalyan Ram and Raviprakash, Story, screenplay and direction – Osho Tulasiram.

Banner: Generation Next Movies

Released on: December 14, 2007

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