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<i>Muni</i> - Review

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Saturday, March 10, 2007
Lawrence achieves hattrick as director
Raghava Lawrence turned from choreography to direction with Mass. Unlike others, he was able to give a hit in his next film also through Style in which he acted with his his mentor Prabhudeva. To fulfill his mother's wishes, he chose to make a film in Tamil. Eyeing his popularity in Telugu, Manyam Ramesh had dubbed the film into Telugu and both the versions were released simultaneously. With the success of Muni, Lawrence achieved a hat trick as director. While in the first film, he only directed (Style), he proved himself as an artiste. With Muni, he once again proved that he could emote like any other senior artiste of the tinsel world.

Ganesh (Larencce) is a timid person. His father Rangaswamy, who is employed as a bank manager, tells him ghost stories in his yuonger years. This makes Ganesh scared of the dark and so he doesn't move out of his house after 6 pm. His mother Kantamma (played Kovai Sarala) wants to get him married but no one is ready to let their daughter(s) marry him because of his fear of the dark. Ganesh, then, falls in love with Priya (played by Vedika). One day, he goes straight to Priya's house and tells her parents, brother and sister that he has been in love with Priya for three years and asks them for their approval of his marrige with her. With their approval, he tells Priya that he loves her and convinces her and they both get married. Later, Rangaswamy's family shifts from Vijayawada to Vizag because he is transferredhis transfer. They select a house and take it on rent. the bungalow they take belongs to Dandapani, an MLA.

Dandapani stabs one of his best friends Muneeswarudu aka Muni (played by Rajkiran) and burns him alive alive. Muni's daughter too gets killed at the hands of Dandapani's men. Muni's atma still lives in the bungalow.. The atma cant do anything to Ganesh and his wife Priya as they wear a Hanuman collar. After a few days, Ganesh removes that dollar from his neck and in its place wears another collar that belonged to Muni. Through the collar, Muni enters into the body of Ganesh. Muni wants to take revenge through Ganesh. Ganesh's parents summon Anantudu (Nazar), an exorcist, who successfully brings out Muni from Ganesh's body. After listening to the flashback, Ganesh decides to help Muni in taking revenge as his wish is justified.

So, Muni in the form of Ganesh takes revenge against Dandapani's follower who killed his daughter and decides to kill Dandapani. However, Dandapani realizes what is going to happen and summons Masthan (Rahuldev), another exorcist, to save him. Masthan keeps Muni preventing him from attacking Dandapani. Dandapani promises that he would do everything for the village's development and hands over money to the villagers. Dandapani also admits that he had killed Muni and his daughter. With the order from Masthan, Muni's atma leaves Ganesh. Dandapani reveals his crooked idea that just with the money the villagers can't do anything. Even if they tried to do anything with the money, they will have to come to him for permissions required and then he would take back all the money. Irked over this reverse trend, Ganesh kills Dandapani. Everyone thinks that Muni had killed Dandapani but it is only Masthan who realizes that it is Ganesh who did it. The film ends on a happy note, with the atma leaving Ganesh and the entire family gets united again.

Plus Points

It is Larencce performance that remained a highlight in the film. He gave a tremendous performance as a dancer and showed equal ease in action scenes and at the same time, while showing emotions with acute perfection. The graphic work in the film was also worth watching. One just can't find any flaw in the entire script. With a perfect screenplay Larencce made the audiences stick to their seats right from the beginning till the end. The film has an equal share of sentiment too in the form of Rajkiran and his daughter on the one hand and Kovai Sarala and Larencce on the other hand. The horror scenes were also perfectly shot and enthralled the audiences.

Minus Points

The only minus point in the film is the slow narration in the first half. The audiences will face slight boring as the film moves at a very slow pace in the first half. However, Larencce had tried his best to keep them in good humour through songs. The love between the hero and heroine was also not properly established. It was wound up with just a song. The action scenes were also quite cinematic, but they could be justified as the fights were done by an atma, which could do anything.
First half of the film has a total lighter vein orientation with love and a couple of dances. Second half was totally dedicated to horror base. It is like a correct mix of films like Basha, Matrix and Chandramukhi and gave a good thrill to the audience, as they are not very familiar with horror subjects. But it was one more film that was made to prove that there are evil spirits. The director tried to prove that every human being has fear but only some reveal it, while some other pretend that they are courageous.

Cast: Raghava Larencce, Vedika, Rajkiran, MS Bhaskar, SN Lakshmi, Kovai Sarala and others

Cinematography - VT Guhan
Background Score - BG Venkatesh
Music - Ramani Bharadwaja
Lyrics - Bhuvanachandra
Dialogues - Shashank Vennelakanti
Presents - Manyam Suryanarayana
Producer - Manyam Ramesh
Story, screenplay, choreography and direction - Raghava Larencce.

Banner: Manyam Entertainments

Released on : March 9, 2007

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