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Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Dasari Narayana Rao had directed more than 200 films in his career and he plunged into politics. He became a minister in the Union Cabinet. Following his entry into the Cabinet, he could not find time or permission to direct films. In order to keep himself in touch with the film industry, he is contributing stories for film at every possible opportunity. Some of the stories scripted by him took shape on the celluloid by some directors and many of them were also proved big hit. After watching the oomph of Mumaith Khan in some of the item number, Dasari Narayana Rao penned a story called "Mysamma IPS" keeping her in mind. He had an indirect participation in the film by keeping his wife Dasari Padma as the presenter, he chose his protege Bharat Parepalli as director. However, he almost tied the hands of director by scripting the screenplay for the flick also.

Mysamma (Mumaith Khan) is a sincere police officer. Though she appears to be corrupt, she claims that she is accepting them to make better use of that money. Sambasiva Dunnapothula @Sadu (Sayaji Shinde) is the Home Minister of the State. He encroachs lands at every opportune place in Hyderabad. On learning that the daughter of a police constable Basha (LB Sriram) attempted suicide as she failed to get a seat in a medical college, Mysamma pays the donation and the fee and gets her admitted to the medical college. Unfortunately, that girl gets raped and murdered by some youth. Noticing daughter's death, Basha also dies of heart attack. Ramaswamy (Prabhakar), who investigates the rape and murder case and finds that the culprits were the sons of big shots. He makes them to confess their crime and gets the statement signed by them. But Mysamma does not allow it to be produced in court and helps them escape from the clutches of justice. Though Mysamma is a police officer, she used to implement her judgment by mercilessly killing the thugs and anti-social elements. In the process, Mysamma eliminates, a thug Gorebhai (Satyaprakash), who gets released from jail. She also kills the four boys, who raped and murdered Basha's daughter. Sadu has a godfather, who was an MP. After becoming Home minister, Sadu ignores his mentor. So a cold war runs between the two. The two again join hands to destabilise the government as Sadu eyes on the CM post. Sadu suspects Ramaswamy behind the death of the four youth. His goons attack Ramaswamy and Mysamma comes to his rescue. At this juncture, Mysamma reveals the flashback and how his elder sister brought her up. How she was treated by Sadu after their marriage and how Sadu tried to molest Mysamma even as she is very young. How Mysamma's sister was killed by him. Keeping all this in view, Mysamma decides to take revenge and kills all those, who were responsible for her sister's death. In the climax, Mysamma kills Sadu and surrenders herself.

PLUS: Mumaith Khan is a perfect fit in the title role of the film. She shows her usual oomph and looks romantic in almost all the songs. Generally, she used to dance in item number in films with two piece and three piece dresses. In this film, all the songs have such costumes. Sajayi Shinde also did complete justice to his role. The storyline though not very fresh, but is okay. Choreography of action scenes and dances is the basic plus point for the movie.

MINUS: Director Bharat Parepalli targeted the mass audiences with the movie. Hence there may be no takers in 'A' centres, but may run with average talk in B, C centres. Srilekha's tunes also were not so impressive but have a lot of mass masala in them. Excessive use of wires in the action scenes made the action scenes cinematic. Mumaith Khan, though exposed a lot on the screen, she could not get adequate opportunity to bring out the acting talents in her. However, she showed good ease in action scenes.

REMARKS: If you are very interested to watch the sizzling beauty and oomph of Mumaith Khan, you can watch the movie. But for the revenge drama, the film has nothing much to boast of. Director failed to established Pradeep Rawat's character properly. It is good to watch a senior actor like Vijayachander on the screen after a long time.

Cast: Mumaith Khan, Prabhakar, Sayaji Shinde, Pradeep Rawat, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Raghubabu, Satyaprakash, Kota Shankar Rao, Jeeva, Navabharat Balaji, Narsing Yadav, Vijaychander and others are in the cast.

Credits: Dialogues – Rajendrakumar, Camera – Surendra Reddy, Editing – Krishnamraju, Music – MM Srilekha, Action – Ram-Lakshman, Presents – Dasari Padma, Producer – K Ramakrishna Prasad, Story and screenplay – Dasari Narayana Rao, Direction – Bharat Parepalli

Banner: Siri Media Pvt Ltd

Released on : November 23, 2007

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