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Nee Navve Chaalu Review

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Tollywood audiences are not new to the trend of triangular love stories. Several films in the recent past have had storylines that were triangular love stories. Despite the film has been made on an oft-covered topic, the movie is different from the other films that have been made previously in this genre.

The director Mallikarjun Yeluri has weaved the story in to the film well and has made it very interesting. He has also chosen the actors well. Each actor fits perfectly into his role. The only drawback of the film is that the pace of the movie slackens as the movie progresses - Nikita's character in particular. While the buildup of the part of the story that included the relationship between Sivaji and Sindhu was good, the same between Shivaji and Nikita was dragged.

The Story:
Murali Krishna (aka Sivaji) is young and unemployed. Sindhu (aka Sindhu), who attends a job interview with him, cheats to get the job and therefore he doesn't get the job. After a while though, she admits to Krishna that she duped him and got the job instead of him. They patch up and become good friends.

As time passes by Sindhi gets transferred to Vizag. After Sindhu's move to Vizag, Krishna meets Supriya (played by Nikita)- his relationship with whom starts on the wrong foot. Supriya is in dire need of a job. So Krishna and her go to Araku to find a good job for her, In Araku, they meet up with Mathews who recommend that they go for a particular job interview at 6:00 in the evening.

But to their misfortune, Mathew leaves, locking the house assuming that they have left for the interview. Thereby, they get stuck in the house for three days, during which they have a major misunderstanding, which eventually ends up bringing them closer together. After these three days, they find realize that they have fallen in love.

Being unable to go the interview, they have to comeback without a job. When Krishna returns home he finds a letter for him offering him the post of a manager in JK Industries. He rushed to Supriya's hose to tell her of his offer letter. When he goes there, he comes to know that she is dead. He refuses to believe that she is dead. He only comes to terms with it when his friend Raghu (played by Ali) tells him so.

Despite being depressed over Supriya's passing away, he starts going to work at JK Industries. Coincidentally Sindhu happens to work there. They get back in touch with each other. Hema, one of Sindhu's colleagues, convinces her that she has fallen in love with Krishna.

Sindhu comes to know that Sindhu's father loses his head over their relationship and goes crazy. He tries to help her with her situation with her father. After a while, she eventually confesses to him that she is in love with him. He tells her that he has not yet gotten over Supriya. At the same time, it happens to be so that Sindhu and Supriya communicate with each other on work. She also visits Vizag on work and meets Sindhu. While conversing with her, she realizes that Sindhu is in love with Murali Krishna. Supriya demands that Krishna be told that the girl he loves his alive.

Eventually, Supriya allows Krishna to pursue his relationship with Sindhu and goes out of the way.

Plus Points:
The performances of all the three lead artistes - Sivaji, Sindhu and Nikita - is excellent. Sivaji seems to be quite happy playing such characters. Both the heroines look glamorous and at the same time had good opportunity to perform playing a role which has them undertaking love, romance and the more emotional scenes while playing their roles. Though the songs are not all that good, the choreography through out the film is good. The cinematography of the film, which was done by Santosh Srinivas, has been done well especially when the songs were shot. Ali's performance as the hero's friend is good.

Minus Points:
The routine storyline is the basic drawback of the movie. Ali's comedy has failed to click. The comedy looked quite artificial despite having good artistes like Brahmanandam, Venumadhav and others. The director concentrated on the love triangle and did not pay much attention for dishing out a good comedy.

The film will not get houseful theatres but will do good business. It will run for a few weeks. With no action scenes, the film might attract family crowds after a few days of word of mouth publicity. The films business may pick up momentum in a few days but a long run shouldn't be expected. You also can't expect repeat audiences for such films.

Cast: Sivaji, Nikhita, Sindhu Tulani, Ali, Melkote, Surya, LB Sriram, Mallikarjuna Rao, MS Narayana, Junior Relangi, Brahmanandam, Venumadhav, Narsing Yadav, Raghunatha Reddy, Chitram Sreenu, Sudarshan, Ramaprabha, Hema, Sana and others.

Story - Udayaraj
Script - Vemagiri
Editing - Murali Ramaiah
Editing - Murali Ramaiah
Music - Vandemataram Srinivas
Lyrics - Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
Art - Nagendra
Presents - Gottimukkala Padmarao
Story - G Sridhar Choudary
Screenplay and direction - Sri Mallikarjun Yeluri.
Banner: Jaswant Arts
Released on: May 26, 2007

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