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Monday, April 02, 2007
Good exposure of contemporary culture
Shashank had given good performance in Aithe and Anukokunda Okaroju, in both playing lead roles. However, his performance went unnoticed in both the films. This time around too, he got an opportunity to play the lead role in a film directed by debutant director Hemanth Puvvada. The film deals with the culture of 'Page 3 People' and those belonging to higher society. The director tried to put forth that success is for the life and love is for soul and that one should not ignore one for the sake of others.

Prem (Shashank) after completing his intermediate course goes to the city to study his Bachelor's Degree course. Pavithra (Vidisha) is the daughter of a millionaire. She comes from a family where there is no scope for love&affection. She is used to a high-class life. Her father and mother both look after the family business. When they are not working, they are partying. They are always seen around and with high class society people.

Pavithra is studying in the college in which Prem gets admission. She is very famous in her college. Prem befriends her and falls in love with her. Their relationship grows under the guise of him teaching computers. Prem admits to her of his feelings but she rejects him saying that she has certain achievements that she has prioritized and that love has no place in her priorities. She belittles love saying it is nothing but trash.

Oneday, both of them get caught in the rain and get into a car for shelter. There they make love to each other and become pregnant. Having already made her pregnant, he suggests that they marry. Pavithra again tells him that their getting together was a stray incident. Saying that her business career is more important to her than the child, she decides to have an abortion. They both go their own ways from here - not seeing each other anymore.

Enter Jyotsna. She decides to pursue journalism. She gets a job working for a newspaper. Her editor gives her an assignment to write an article on love. Jyotsna meets Prem and asks him for his love story. He tells her his story but doesn't tell her the entire story. She assumes that he has married his lover when he actually hasn't. When doing further research, she chances meeting Pavithra. It is then that she finds out that Prem did not marry Pavithra in the end.

Pavithra, by the time, completes her PhD in Australia. Prem tries again to meet her after her return to India but he is unable to. She finds out that Prem is still in love with her. She then visits him with Jyotsna. When she goes to his house, he tells her that he cannot take her back because she had abortion done after she became pregnant with his child and in the process "killed" their love. She also learns that it was Prem's mothers wish that he should have a child - a son. The film ends with Prem's wish coming true. Using Pavitra as a surrogate mother, he gets his son, happy that his child has been mothered by her

Plus Points
The major plus point of the film is the "love thread" between the hero and heroine. The director had portrayed exceptionally well the moods of the present generation and how freely they "skip" boyfriends and girlfriends without giving love and affection a chance. The director very ably explained that importance is not given to character of ones partner these days. Shashank has given a mature performance. Vidisha has been given a chance to perform better, more than just a glamour role. She utilized the opportunity well.

Minus Points
The film has a good pace at the beginning. It slows down though at the middle. Though the director's idea is to explain how the things are happening in the present day society, the film might give a wrong message that character is not that important. The friendship between boys and girls is shown in a different way. If the audiences look at it in a positive way, it will be good. Otherwise it could send wrong signals.

The film is worth watching for the emotive performances of both the hero and heroine. The friendship between the two of them has been portrayed well, especially the love scenes between the hero and heroine. Though the film is good to watch, there are very few commercial elements in the movie, which may prove disastrous for the commercial success of the film. The film could be treated as an above average film. It might pickup slowly.


Cast : Shashank, Vidisha, Melkote, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Uttej, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Jhansi and others
Dialogues - Cherry
Music - Viswa
Lyrics - Veturi, Sai Sriharsha
Camera - Ch Ramanaraju
Editing - Chandrababu Puvvada
Presenter - Baby Mokshita
Producers - Rajkumar Kaja Padmakar Dange Potluri,
Story, screenplay and direction - Hemanth Puvvada
Banner: Rajkumar Movies
Released on: March 31, 2007

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