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Railway Gate - Review

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Monday, May 21, 2007
An absurd film with atrocious screenplay
Though the producer publicised his film by showing the faces of Ali and Suman Shetty dancing to the old tunes and parodies, they are just the comedy characters and nothing to do with the actual film or subject. The director and producer claimed that the film is based on a real life incident at Andhra-Tamil Nadu border. Though the storyline is good, the improper running of the movie, unwanted songs and comedy, disastrous screenplay and poor directorial capabilities has made the film absurd. Strangely, the film has the story by director, while screenplay has been done by the producer and dialogues by another person. The film has gone for a six in the absence of proper correlation between these three departments.

Akash (Prithvi) is a millionaire. He has a brother (Sudhakar) and a step brother. He is also the nephew of Tamil Nadu Home Minister. Akash earns a good amount of money in his business in the US and used to visit India once in a year. Akash's step brother used to demand money from him. Being a wealthy man, he used to spend money lavishly and he turns a womanizer. Nayar (Hemasundar) used to look after his welfare in India and his daughter Anjali (Sony) falls into his trap, turns pregnant and aborts it even without taking it to the notice of her father. Akash loves Lahari (Lahari) daughter of a billionaire (Costumes Krishna), an NRI settled in the US. Akash decides to settle in the US by selling away all his properties in India. His manager also eyes his property and withdraws Rs 1 crore from his account by forging his signature. Akash has a friend, who is a movie director and he introduces his heroine (Puja) to Akash. The latter lures the heroine by promising her a chance in Hollywood. This irks the director, who kills the heroine. One day Akash gets killed under mysterious circumstances. The postmortem report reveals that he was first poisoned, then axed, then stabbed, then strangulated and finally crushed with a boulder to death. The Tamil Nadu police, under whose jurisdiction the body was found start investigation and appoint an Akash look-alike officer Vijay Varma (Prithvi) to investigate the case. He investigates the case and reveals that a murder attempt was made on Akash by his manager, by his step brother, by his friend who was a film director and by Nayar. However, Akash survives all these murder attempts but finally gets killed by his car driver, as Akash rapes his sister and abets her to suicide.


Absolutely there is no plus point in the film. Though the comedy track has nothing to do with the film, the scenes where Ali, Satyam Rajesh and Suman Shetty are involved, give a little relief. However, the comedy track also looks very artificial as it has nothing to do with the film in any aspect. Use of old song bits in the film, though not a novel experiment, it is somewhat okay. Despite good experience in acting, Prithvi has failed to show perfect emotions. He plays dual role in the film and looks quite okay in the second role as a police officer. Sony and Puja have done justice to their roles.


The storyline is good but its movement proves to be atrocious. Haphazard screenplay, poor directorial abilities and improper timing of songs made the film complete boring. The director and producer boasted before the release of the film that their film begins, takes interval and finishes at Railway Gate. But in fact, the director tries to use the technique of showing the interval bang in the beginning and repeated the same in the interval and also in the climax for no reason. Music by Gorantla Krishna is boring. However it is good in parts during re-recording. Dialogues by Boyinapalli Prasad are fine. Mutyala Nani should have used his scissors in a more perfect way by trimming several unnecessary scenes.


It is very sad to say that the producer and the director tried to cash in on the image of Ali, whose film Gundammagari Manavadu is running successfully. Though he had no role to play in the film except appearing in a couple of scenes to evoke comedy. Likewise, Suman Shetty is also used to play in a parody song of Babu Mohan. Comedy by Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao and Satyam Rajesh also fail to evoke laughter. The film can be ignored.

Cast: Prithvi, Ali, Suman Setty, Puja, Bhargavi, Sudhakar, Hemasundar, Costumes Krishna, Junior Relangi, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Raghunatha Reddy, Ananth, Satyam Rajesh, Gauthamraju, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Srinivasa Varma, Ajay Ratnam, Sarika Ramachandra Rao, Sony, Lahari, Asha Lata, Allari Subhashini

Producer: T Srinivas
Banner: Sri Santoshini Films
Director: KR Venkatesh
Dialogues: Boyinapalli Ramana
Music: Gorantla Krishna
Camera: Jyothi Shyam Parandham
Editing: Mutyala Nani

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